The Art and Science of Collaboration, by Dayana Kibilds

Confab 2018 logoWhat is collaboration? Online definitions show it as working – usually willingly – with enemies. Can’t we make it better than that?

Dayana Kibilds shows how to make collaboration successful in Game of Thrones – and in real life.

What Do You Need for Buy-In?

True collaboration requires you to get the stakeholders on board. You want to present to your biggest advocates and your most adamant nay-sayers. You also want reasonable, respected decision-makers. When you have their buy-in it will be easier to get the rest of the team’s.

Before you present, you need to include…

A Strategist who:

  • identifies the problem
  • wants people to work together

Evidence, such as:

  • historical data
  • projections
  • experience
  • real use cases

Visuals, such as:

  • Graphs and charts
  • A way to visually represent the worst case scenario

Prepare the Presentation

  1. Prepare the proposal as a draft.
    Show them it is NOT complete and you want their input.
  2. Present to the core (advocates, nay-sayers, and reasonable people).
    They’ll discuss it. Let them have some ownership.
  3. Make changes.
    Take the stakeholders feedback.
  4. Share with all stakeholders.
    You may still get changes, but since you already showed this to the core group, and they own it, there will be fewer edits and more buy-in.

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