Whether you know it or not, your PhD gave you the skills you need to get hired as a Data Scientist, but have you been able to put your skills to good use?

Do you know how to speak the language of a Data Scientist? Do you know how to speak the language of industry in general?

Or, are you holding yourself back by focusing on your lack of industry experience?

Like most PhDs, are you to find a job because you’re looking for a job title that matches your niche academic field of study?

If so, listen to these PhDs who were hired into Data Scientist roles without having any data science or industry experience…

Rubenka Bandyopadhyay, PhD was hired as a Data Scientist at Itron, Inc using our Cheeky Scientist methodology and Data Scientist career training.

She said the difference-maker for her was getting access to the right resumé templates and methodology and being able to set up informational interviews with other Data Scientists. 

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We’ve seen so many PhDs without industry experience and without data science experience getting hired into Data Scientist roles, while seeing many more fail to get hired into this career track simply for being invisible to employers, that we decided to create an Advanced Program dedicated to this career path.

Cheeky Scientist has created a Data Scientist career program, under our Advanced Program portfolio, called the Data Scientist Syndicate. The goal of this Program is to help you to create the perfect data scientist resumé and to get educated on the specific data scientist job-searching skills you will need to get hired. The Data Scientist Syndicate is tailored to help PhDs get hired to the top data scientist roles on the industry job market.

Ready to get started?

What Is The Data Scientist Career Program?

Our Program the Data Scientist Syndicate is made by PhDs currently working in industry as Data Scientists. Yet, they have all been where you likely are now, stuck in their job search wondering how they could ever get hired without industry experience.

They know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed while in search of your ideal job. Many of them were PhD students, postdocs or even unemployed when they started their job searches, which means they know firsthand what is needed to transition from job seeker to gainfully employed Data Scientist – and they are ready to help you do the same.

Are you worried that you don’t have the necessary experience to earn a highly paid, PhD-level Data Scientist position? If so our Data Scientist Advanced Program ensures that your resumé, LinkedIn profile, and interview answers appeal to top-paying industry employers who are looking to fill Data Scientist positions right now. The Program will also ensure you get direct access to current PhD-level Data Scientists, as well as hiring managers and recruiters at top data science companies.

Training Modules Included In The Data Scientist Program

You’ll get lifetime access, with no recurring membership fees, to 6 training modules when you enroll in our training Program, the Data Scientist Syndicate. These consist of over 60 videos and 12 advanced training workbooks – all created by well-placed data scientists with PhDs. We add new training material to the Program every week for the life of the Program, so you can not only get into your first Data Scientist job, but your second, third and so on.

PhDs in the Program get access to monthly webinars that are only available to members of the Data Scientist Career Program.

What happens when you complete the Program? Don’t worry – we won’t leave you on your own. We’ll continue to support you with our private job referral network where data scientists and hiring managers can connect. And we’re available 24/7 to answer questions and provide guidance till you secure a top-paying PhD job. And, as mentioned, we will continue to provide you with new training material in your online training dashboard – FOR LIFE.

The Data Scientist Syndicate Advanced Program by Cheeky Scientist is robust with information to launch a high-paying career in data science. Here’s what you can expect to learn.

  • Module 1: In this module, you’ll get an overview of all that data science encompasses. You’ll learn why this industry is important. The module breaks down what your role as a data scientist is, what types of companies hire data scientists, and what you can expect in a typical workday.
  • Module 2: What job title will you have when you secure one of the top PhD jobs? Module 2 covers the various positions within the field, how companies build their data science team, and what kind of postdoc salary you can expect from employers around the world. We’ll also show you how data scientists achieve a work-life balance and how that relates to their overall job satisfaction.
  • Module 3: One of the goals of our data science career Program is to help you increase your chances of getting hired for a data scientist position. We’ll teach you how to leverage your skills, qualifications, and background while showing you which job positions you would fit best. Our team will explain the latest data science tools and how to use them to get a job and advance your career.
  • Module 4: Gaining some experience in Python – the programming language most data scientists use – will improve your chances of getting a PhD job. We’ll also teach you the differences between Python, R, and other programming languages so you can determine which is best for your career goals.
  • Module 5: This module teaches you how to build a network, distinguish yourself online, and project an experienced data scientist persona on platforms like LinkedIn. We’ll also review the hiring process, including questions you can expect interviewers to ask. You’ll learn important questions to ask your interviewer to find out if a company/position is right for you.
  • Module 6: Finally, we’ll guide you through the steps to take to advance your career. Our instructors explain how to attain a management position and even what to do to advance beyond that goal. You’ll learn what’s involved in consulting and freelancing, as well as how to transition from entry-level data scientist to entrepreneur.  

The #1 Data Scientist Program For PhDs: What Our Members Have To Say

The fact that the Data Scientist Career Program was developed by and designed for PhD data scientists sets it apart from other Programs.

Our members are proof of that.

PhD graduates who struggled to find great jobs before investing in this Program say that it:

  • Provided the support they needed but didn’t have after graduation
  • Gave them the guidance they needed to make profitable career decisions
  • Gave them a strategy that’s less overwhelming and easier to achieve
  • Provided a safe space for members to lift each other up
  • Helped them achieve a work-life balance that was missing during their time in academia

Marios Tsatsos, PhD says that “the transition plan together with the support of the …group” is what got him hired as a Data Scientist at Clarivate Analytics.

Video embed: https://vimeo.com/333755170

Turning PhDs Into Successful Industry Professionals

Another reason our members love our Data Scientist Syndicate Advanced Program is that it prepares them for the hiring process, including practical guidance regarding:

  • Writing a resumé that creates a great first impression
  • How to prepare for an interview so you can increase your confidence, ease anxiety, and improve your chances of getting hired
  • Negotiating your salary, whether you’re looking for an entry-level, managerial, or executive position

You’re at an important transition point in your life. You’ve achieved something that not many people are able to accomplish. You’ve earned a PhD. Now, it’s time to secure one of the top PhD jobs in your industry.

The reason it’s been hard for you to get hired is NOT because you’re NOT valuable. It’s because you’re invisible. Cheeky Scientist has helped tens of thousands of PhDs like you transition into well-respected and high-paying industry positions. We can help you, too.

Are you interested in joining the Data Scientist Syndicate? Contact the Cheeky Scientist to learn more or to add your name to the waiting list

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