Earlier this month, Gazillion announced that Marvel Heroes would be launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as "Marvel Heroes Omega" later this year. The console version of the game would feature significantly fewer characters and less content at launch, as well as being completely isolated from the PC version, but it would be happening, nonetheless. Furthermore, a PlayStation 4 Closed Beta would begin soon after the announcement.

According to GameSpot, the PlayStation 4 Closed Beta will begin this Friday. Those who are interested will be able to get into the Closed Beta by purchasing a Founder's Pack, which will be made available on the PlayStation Store and the official website alongside the beginning of the Closed Beta.

Additionally, Marvel Heroes Gameplay Engineer Andrew Hair announced today via Twitter that Marvel Heroes Omega will allow you to play local co-op with a friend in the online world. Unfortunately, there aren't any details about how that system will work just yet.

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