The fever for the K-Pop group BTS will arrive at McDonald’s in the form of a special menu that will be available in 50 countries, including Mexico. The meal is called "Combo BTS" (or "BTS Meal," in English) and is a collaboration between the Korean group and the fast food restaurant chain.

To create this new item, the world's largest fast food chain was inspired by the passion that BTS members have. Those members include RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, J-Hop , V and Jungkook.

While McDonald's has not specified exactly what the "BTS Combo" will consist of. Rumors claim that it will include Chicken McNuggets, French fries and two sauces.

"We are excited to bring customers even closer to their beloved band in a way that only McDonald's can, through our delicious food," said Morgan Flatley, McDonald's chief marketing officer.

"The 'BTS Meal' is the first exclusive order collaboration available in nearly all of the world, 50 different markets on six continents," she added.

The launch of the Korean group's special menu is scheduled to start at the end of next month. On May 26, it will arrive in Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Paraguay. On May 28, it will be available in Puerto Rico, and, finally on June 1, it will debut in Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

With this initiative, McDonald’s hopes to expand the reach of its celebrity promotional campaigns. In the United States, McDonald's has already made similar collaborations with musicians J Balvin and Travis Scott. Those collaborations reportedly boosted sales in the last half of 2020.