We're learning all our lives. But some things and experiences teach us more than others.

A month ago, Reddit user Artudetan posted a question on r/AskMen that read, "What did you not know or realize until after living with a woman?" Turns out, a lot!

From "the good bra" to doing the dishes, the post has already received over 14,000 answers and judging from them, getting a roommate can be quite educational!


Fine, I'll say it.

I always thought that pads operated like Band-aids and they'd just slap em over their vaginas and absorb everything. It wasn't until I was... 27? When my girlfriend at the time had some as a backup in case she ran out of tampons and I opened it and looked. The adhesive was on the wrong side for my version of how they worked, and it dawned on me that they're supposed to be stuck to their panties, not their vaginas. I only regret telling her of that revelation, because she laughed until she cried and then called her mom to tell her about it.

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When you’re having a really tough day, she unexpectedly comes home and surprises you with a bottle of your favorite drink, homemade cookies and a dinner you love. And then she cuddles with you while you vent about your now not so crappy day. And you realize what it’s like to actually have someone support you.

And you find yourself wanting to make sure the toilet seat is down, smiling when you can never find anything in the kitchen, rolling with it when the living room turns into a 12 stage laundry OCD deployment zone, and you laugh when you trip over her shoes that are now tangled in a knot of hair bigger than the dog.

Because your house/apartment is no longer a place you live at, it’s now your home. And it’s safe to be the real you, not the show you put on when you were dating.

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That she owns only one truly GOOD BRA. There is only one and part of your duty as a man is to protect The Good Bra. If you are doing laundry, you must take the greatest of precautions to make sure it is properly cleaned, dried, and stored. God forbid The Good Bra ever turn up missing or in the wrong drawer.

Ladies, why is there only one GOOD BRA?

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I was raised by a woman, so none of it was new to me, except:

Period Panties.

I wasn't shocked or disgusted by it because I wasn't a 12-year-old; it was just like, "Huh. Yeah, I guess I'd have a separate selection of underwear to use when I'm menstruating, too. Why the Hell would I ruin all of my sexy underwear?".

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What home feels like.

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"Period s**ts."


Pockets are very rare for women's pants. Several years married and still shocked by this.

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If you leave something on the kitchen counter, it will get put/thrown away. If she leaves something on the kitchen counter, that's where it goes now.

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Apparently showering and washing your hair are separate events.

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I learned that bathroom can smell like soap and flowers and coconut instead of like pee.

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No matter how many bobby pins are in the house, there is always a need for more.

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Just how expensive and shoddy brands for women are.

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They fart just as much as men.


Apparently, cleaning the toilet on the regular is much, much more important than I'd previously thought.

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When you’re done showering, you’re supposed to stay on the bath mat while you dry off, not walk around the apartment


The hair that gets stuck in the shower drain. OMG.

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Hair ties actually disappear faster than MIA socks. Until you find 20 in a kitchen drawer.

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One corner of the shower will become a "graveyard" for bottles of shampoo, conditioner, all sorts of stuff.


You’ve been doing laundry wrong your whole life.

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How nice house plants are. Now I have all kinds of plants and my place feels so much more nice and relaxing.

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An innocent cleaning excursion in the right circumstances will lead to a full-on reorganization of all the dang furniture in the house, if you're not careful.

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If they leave stuff at the bottom of the stairs, that means you’re supposed to bring it up. If it’s at the top of the stairs, you should bring it down. Also, the correct place for objects in the kitchen is where they currently reside. Stuff is gonna move around constantly, just roll with it.


That moisturizer goes on the body too.

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You find out the amount of food that a refrigerator can really hold.

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I never realised that she'd start wearing my clothes. T-shirts, sweaters, not even my damn underwear is mine any more!

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There is a wrong way to hang clothes to dry.

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I load the dishwasher so inefficiently, I'm no longer allowed to load it at all.

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They have a really weird obsession with glass containers or jars.

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That there can never be enough throws/blankets/cushions.

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When long, loose head hairs wash off in the shower, it's common practice to stick them to the wall rather than let them collect in the drain.

If she forgets to remove them afterwards, it can be very confusing for the next person in the shower. Why are there a bunch of individual strands of hair deliberately stuck to the wall?

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Strange new foods will appear in the cupboard and the fridge. This is actually good, you will get to try new things.


Fancy makeup takes a long time.

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There is an incorrect place for hand soap on the sink.

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To get rid of bangs you don't just cut them off.

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They're not nearly as neat and tidy as they want you to believe.

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I have freaked out too many times at what I thought was a 52-legged spider clinging to my bathroom wall.

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Just how much freakin stuff they need.

3 different shampoos and conditioners, tens of different lipsticks, 3 foundations, makeup brushes, contouring brushes, makeup remover, so many earrings and accessories.

It's not even like these were superficial/vain women. This is just the bare minimum of how they care for their appearance. Meanwhile I'm buying my all-in-one body wash, deodorant and mouthwash and calling it done.

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Turns out RuPaul’s drag race is a great show


No matter how much you vacuum or sweep the floor, there will ALWAYS be hair in the floor.


NEVER EVER dry her clothes in a dryer.

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I’ve been doing the dishes wrong my entire life.

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That the plug hole will be in a constant state of "hmmm thats draining slowly, didn't I just unclog this last week?"

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The toilet seat have to be left down or you're in serious trouble.

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The places that their hair will turn up...

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The way I had been folding towels for years was apparently incorrect. I do the tri-fold method. My wife does the double-fold method. Oh well. First argument we had as a married couple and I lost.

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The wardrobe in your bedroom that you agreed to share 50/50? Just like the bathroom, in a few years it will be 90/10.

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The toilet paper expense skyrockets.

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Women are both simultaneously messier and cleaner than men. It’s bizarre how messy rooms can get with them and how quickly they can turn it around and make it clean!

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They take over the bathroom. One day you'll walk in and realise 90% of the space is filled with her stuff.

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I never knew it was acceptable to drink red wine and read a book in the bath for hours, leaving it inaccessible until she had finished.

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One day you will walk into the bathroom and get smacked in the face by wet bras / panties hanging up.


No matter how big the bed, I only need the edge of it.


Your shower drain is going to get clogged. You'll call a plumber and he'll pull out fistfuls of long hair. She will look at you seriously and say "that's not mine" even though you have a crewcut.


Two things: Be sure to have a trashcan in every bathroom, buy Toilet paper and tissues as Costco, and your expenses will go up. I thought it would be cheaper to have her move in, Nope....

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When the garbage can stinks, you must take it outside even if it isn't full.


There isn’t enough laundry detergent in the world to keep up with the laundry pile.

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Some things you "do" she is not going to like and will want you to change. You will feel the same about some things she does.

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There will be 5+ pairs of shoes, not IN the shoe rack, but near it / behind the door so it jams / just waiting to trip me if I enter the house without checking for landmines wayward vans slip ons.

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She had a bucket of clear plastic hair ties, at least a 1000 in the tub. Barely a dent and those suckers are popping up EVERYWHERE.

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The bottom of the shower/bath is now not only frequently slippy, but occasionally covered glitter, and if really unlucky some sort of oil.


I had no idea that you weren’t supposed to wash your hair everyday until after my girlfriend moved in.

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It's not as glamorous as it may seem if you have a lack of experience living with them. I have lived with women in both platonic and romantic relationships. The stereotypes of being clean, tidy, and constantly maintaining the household are overly exaggerated. The guy roommate I lived with was much more clean than the ladies I have lived with, as was I. I'm sure not all ladies are like this.


Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies are meant to be consumed a full tube at one sitting.

Here I was keeping mine in the fridge and eating just one or two cookies a week.


Her hair, it gets everywhere.


Things wrapped in little plastic bags will appear in the fridge. All stuff she is going to "use one day". Some of it she does. Other stuff is there for years without being used.


If you need to go anywhere together at minimum an hour notice is needed.


According to my wife I cannot open the living room curtains properly and she always need to redo it.

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I do laundry wrong.


Random hairs everywhere, and make up stains that appear.


Where I think things should “live” isn’t right. Even if I’m the only one who ever uses them.