• Mercedes-Benz's mighty S-Class sedan is regularly ranked as the world's best luxury car. Now it has an electric alternative, called the EQS. [credit: Mercedes-EQ ]

You can tell there should have been an international auto show this week by the flurry of new car announcements. These announcements have already included new battery electric vehicles from Mazda and Audi, as well as a little Hyundai truck that seems to have impressed many. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz has taken the wraps off an electric alternative to its mighty flagship S-Class. Actually, let me correct that—it's the first car from a new sub-brand, called Mercedes-EQ, and the car is called the EQS. And unlike the EQC crossover, this one is definitely going on sale here in the US.

Do not mistake this car for an S-Class with a battery pack and some electric motors instead of an engine and transmission. Although the two cars share technology, the EQS uses a purpose-designed BEV architecture that we'll see in other, probably more modest Mercedes-EQs. Over in the conventionally powered world, the S-Class has for decades been the car to beat for the title of "World's Best," and the EQS is sticking to that playbook.

The EQS has a drag coefficient that might make a Lucid Air driver wonder if someone left a window open. It has a range far in excess of a Tesla Model S Long Range. It can regenerate more braking energy than a Porsche Taycan Turbo S. And the dashboard has been replaced by 56 inches of AI-enhanced data screens. Oh, and did I mention the doors close themselves?

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