For those players wanting a little extra protection in their Minecraft base, there's no better solution than an Iron Golem. These hulking brutes have a ton of hit points, deal really nice damage, and even knock enemies far away. Though Iron Golems spawn in villages that have enough villagers, players can actually make Iron Golems themselves with the right materials.

Iron Golems have been a part of Minecraft for years now, so they aren't necessarily anything new. Even so, their use has not diminished over all those years, and with such a rapidly growing player base, there are bound to be some that don't know how to make them. Even veterans may need a refresher, so read on for the full recipe.

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Though Minecraft's Crafting Table has many uses, an Iron Golem isn't made like other items. Instead, players must get the right blocks and place them in a specific shape in the world. Doing this will cause the blocks to animate and become an Iron Golem, who will then patrol the area and fight off any nearby monsters.

The biggest drawback of the Iron Golem is that they are relatively expensive to create, especially early on. Players need to arrange four iron blocks in a "T" shape and then place a pumpkin, carved pumpkin, or jack-o'-lantern on top of the structure. Altogether, this means an Iron Golem costs 36 iron to make, that's one and a half full sets of Iron Armor, In the long run, this probably won't mean too much to players since iron is so plentiful in the Overworld, but it can be difficult for beginners. That said, mining for Iron is a great thing to do for bored Minecraft players.

Iron Golems have an impressive 50 hearts worth of health (100 HP), so they can take a beating whether it be from hostile mobs or the player. When in combat, they can deal up to 21 points of damage, several times more than a Diamond Sword. All of these factors make them particularly useful guardians, and ones built by the player will never turn hostile on them. That doesn't apply for Iron Golems that spawn inside villages, though, as attacking villagers can cause these formidable foes to try and kill the player.

The Iron Golem is sure to help players survive Minecraft for a long time, but there's another type of Golem that players can create. By stacking two blocks of snow on top of one another and then finishing with a pumpkin on top, players can create a Snow Golem. These aren't quite as useful defensively as an Iron Golem is but have the added benefit of creating snow wherever they walk.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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