• Anyone planning to attend the NYC F2F needs to make sure their name is on the wiki so that they can have a badge and wifi access. There are also directions on the wiki for how to get to the meeting. The agenda is light on topics, so everyone is encouraged to add items.
  • Resolved: Publish a new LC of Flexbox
  • Resolved: stretch and auto compute to flex-start on items with display: flex
  • Resolved: Accept TabAtkins proposal for Display (available here with further explanation here)
  • Resolved: Accept proposal to allow multiple dots in grid template areas
  • Resolved: Switch from parenthesis to brackets for grid line names
  • The bikeshedding on renaming default will occur during the NYC F2F with all the suggestions being gathered for that discussion.
  • The specs that are pending publication should start being published soon since ChrisL has worked out most of the problems that were holding them up. Once publication happens, CSS3 UI will need review since the authors want to go to CR in six weeks.
  • The work on styling DOM ranges likely belongs as a part of the next level of CSS Pseudo and therefore shepazu will work with fantasai offline to integrate it.

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