There's been a long history of gamers looking at a device and asking, "Will it run Doom?" A lot of the time, it can, and it's become a fun practice to see which electronic devices--calculators, fridges, pregnancy tests--can run the classic PC shooter. Doom has even been installed within other games, with one of the latest successes being a popular Sonic the Hedgehog title.

The Sonic Hacking Contest took place on October 26, 2020, and the event name really says it all. The purpose is to see which contestants can come up with the most interesting ways to alter Sonic games. One particular mod by TheStoneBanana was entered and has been making the rounds online. The modder managed to add a "DOOM MODE" into Sonic Mania right from the main menu, which takes players straight into Doom's first episode "Knee-Deep in the Dead."

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Twitter user Sonic The Wereblog posted a clip of the mod in action. Players are still able to play the full version of Sonic Mania, the highest-rated Sonic game in over a decade, but they can also take a break and slay demons if they choose. On the Sonic Hacking Contest website, TheStoneBanana breaks down exactly how they made it all happen, as well as who contributed to the mod's creation. They also noted that this mod is compatible with Doom, Doom 2, The Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, and even Chex Quest.

Recently, both Doom and Sonic were modded into Mario 64. Mario takes on the role of Doom Guy in one mod, who hops and yahoos around with music from the Doom series. The other replaces Mario entirely with Sonic, making the character fast enough to easily beat Koopa the Quick in a foot race. Sonic can even use his signature Homing Attack to defeat enemies.

In other Doom news, the first expansion for Doom Eternal recently released. The Ancient Gods is the first part of a planned two-part DLC which follows up the ending of the base game and ties up some loose ends. id Software released an action-packed Doom Eternal trailer for the DLC that summarizes the ongoing plot and shows a lot of demons getting absolutely demolished. As of now, the release date for part two hasn't been established, but more news on that and what it will contain should be announced in the coming months.

While the main character in Doom is often called the Doom Slayer, fans have long wondered what his actual name is. Since the original game was released in 1993, most people simply referred to him as "Doom Guy," but many wondered if he has a more traditional human name. The co-creator of the series, John Romero, recently cleared that up, revealing that Doom Guy's name is simply Doom Guy.

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