Cron Jobs

  • Server 1: f
  • Server 2: d
  • Health Checks: h


    This is what the simple html file looks like in a browser.

    View of the html file showing cron status


    I logged into the portal and it did not take long to start seeing errors, I had an invalid cron job entry (the wrong user was assigned and the job was failing).

    I had an error all this time and did not know it.

    Screenshot of a report of a bad cron job entry.

    My dummy job that was setup to fail did fail.

    My job to purposely fail did fail.

    An email alert was sent to my defined email address, nice.

    Email is failing report

    I could also see the email with the failing event in the log (and an initial test call made with a browser)

    Failing log table

    I was able to pause the reporting of this job in future.


    I really like and will continue using it.



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