For me the mortgage crushing challenge or MCC is a great opportunity to test out some very efficient hands off strategies in an attempt to build up my site.

What is the MCC? The mortgage crushing challenge is a goal we set with our internal team and invited others to join in that results

This post is going to cover…

  • A couple successes people are having with their site!
  • My Exact 3 Part Strategy
  • Results So Far

Special Note – I am very happy to say that a few people participating in this challenge are having a LOT of success!


My Strategy Update:

Knowing my restrictions on time my plan was to come up with a strategy that would take minimal time while at the same time be able to test out a slightly unique strategy.

  1. Push out LOTS of super low competition content to the site
  2. Use my 301 Building Block Strategy
  3. Use PBN for bulk of link building efforts and then use highest quality link building services

I wish I was able to put more time into this project but ultimately I need to figure out how to be lean.


My Website Strategy Break-Down (for this project):

Part 1 – Create Content around Super Low Competition Keywords

The content strategy I have been using here is to identify sites that rank well for some obviously low competition keywords and then see what other keywords they are ranking for using SEMRush.

Then with those keywords I get quality articles created using a very similar process

To date using this system I have 80 posts on the site.

I plan to keep pushing content to the site.


Part 2 – 301 Building Block Strategy

This is the part of this strategy where my process gets a little unique!

I planned/still plan on heavily relying on the 301 Building Block Strategy!

What Is the 301 Building Block Strategy? It is the process of buying an expired domain, putting a money site on it, checking how it performs in Google and then moving it and the contents of it over to the main money site. The idea is that the cumulative effect of multiple 301 Building Blocks is a site that grows in authority and helps push up the other not perfectly related articles.


A VERY detailed step by step tutorial on how to do each of the steps shown above is located here –


Results for MCC Using 301 Building Block Strategy:

So far I have only executed 3x  301 Building Block strategies and they were initially very effective but one keyword that was driving the majority of the results has been slipping.

The spin-off benefit for the site has not been as evident as I would like. For this strategy to work 1+1>2 and right now I can’t say that it is.

However, a lot of the analytics data is thrown off from one post which ranked VERY well for awhile and swayed the traffic numbers substantially.

The image below shows the top 10 pages for my MCC site and

  • Green = Not 301 Building Block Articles
  • Blue, Orange & Purple are all 301 Building Block Pages



Part 3 – Leverage Expired Domains for Link Building

I have not done as much of this as I had planned.

There was a 5 site PBN built for it and about 15 UseMyPBN links built to the site. This has been enough to keep the site moving

The number of links is climbing nicely but the quality is below where I want it to be…



Overall Results

The overall results have been mixed. I have seen the site being able to rank for some very high traffic keywords but sticking the rankings has not been as easy as I had hoped.

For example one major keyword had amazing ranking for awhile and generated a ton of traffic but ultimately because what people were searching for couldn’t be provided by just content the metrics on that page I believe resulted in rankings dropping.





Due in large part to the popular page above it looks like the site is on a downward trend but if we removed that one outlier page the site is slowly/steadily growing still.


This has yet to be a major focus of the site but the site has earned a still disappointing small amount…

  • Jan = $0
  • Feb = $2.64
  • Mar = $12.72
  • Apr = $31.27
  • May = $118.53
  • June = $108.24
  • July = $TBD

Year to Date = $273.40



Although the earnings are not where I want them and the traffic growth isn’t where I want it I plan to see this entire experiment through following this strategy.

Moving forward I will continue to leverage the 301 Building Block strategy and lots of content for super low competition keywords.

I do wish I had more time to invest in this project and it is REALLY great to see people like Matt and Kelley having success with their site!

If you are working on accomplishing a similar goal in 2017 I hope it is going well for you and would love to hear how your site is coming along!

Please leave a comment below with a short update on your site and what is working well/not working for you. If you have any questions I can try to answer I will do my best!