Motorcycle safety while traveling is a serious issue: if your bike gets stolen away from home, you haven’t just lost your ride. You’ve lost your home and travel companion, too. While nobody can ever be a 100% safe and secure anywhere, whether it’s Kansas or Kyrgyzstan, you can take a few simple motorcycle safety measures to prevent theft.

Cable locks

Sure, cable locks can be cut, but safety measures often act as deterrents to thieves. Thieves are looking for easy targets and a cable lock can make your bike look like it’ll be much harder to steal. That alone can make a difference, so spending something like $12 in a simple cable lock   can prove to be a worthy investment. Cable locks are easy to carry on the body of the bike, and they can also act as tow ropes (don’t ask me how I know).

Disc locks

Another simple but effective thief deterrent are disc locks. It won’t prevent your bike from being lifted off the ground, but it will stop it from being moved. Some come with an integrated screamer system, like this disc lock with an alarm . Once you’ve locked the bike up, throw a cover on it to make it even less attractive for thieves.

Motorcycle trackers

A motorcycle tracker can be invaluable if your bike does get stolen. I’d be curious to test out something like the MoniMoto tracker as it has independent batteries, the device can be concealed on the bike, and the system seems simple – you get a phone call and GPS coordinates sent to your phone if your bike is being moved.

Safe Parking

This one seems obvious, but too often, riders are dog tired after a long day’s ride and a shower and warm bed might take priority over motorcycle safety. Do try to find hotels or AirBnBs that offer secure parking (iOverlander is a great app to find bike-friendly accommodation), and if all else fails and you’re in a town or village where there is no accommodation available, head for the police station and ask them if you can pitch a tent on their lawn – most are both amused and happy to oblige. Nobody’s going to mess with you if you’re camped out in front of the local police station, and if they don’t let you camp there, they’ll probably direct you somewhere safe.

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