Loot MRVNs have been on Olympus since the Fight Night Collection Event at the beginning of this year in Apex Legends. Getting lucky with the timing of the slot machine-style mechanic can net players 3 pieces of high-tier purple loot, but one player may have cracked the code on how to get that epic loot every time.

MRVNs are everywhere in the Titanfall and Apex Legends universe, including on the roster of legends, as Pathfinder is a MRVN unit heavily modified by a group of scientists for a specific purpose. The robots do everything from manual labor to bartending on the Club screen of Apex. The ones scattered across Olympus are a bit less functional, and most of them are missing an arm, but they still seem happy to dole out loot when a player comes by.

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What kind of loot the MRVNs in Apex Legends drop seemed chance-based, until now. On the Apex University subreddit, user hotstickynsweet revealed their tactic for guaranteeing epic level 3 loot every time. According to them, pressing the interact button at the exact second the grey level 1 emoji appears on the MRVN’s screen will cause the MRVN to stop on the purple emoji every time. Some other factors can come into play, like reaction time, monitor refresh rate, and lag, but all the comments on the post seem to be in agreement that the loot MRVN’s wheel is very easy to crack.

There is a chance that things could change for these MRVNs soon though. Respawn has a tendency to shake up how loot is dropped on the maps in Apex, and it looks like Season 9 will be bringing significant changes to Olympus if a recent teaser is any indication. After how many building and terrain changes there were to King’s Canyon for Season 8, it wouldn’t be shocking if the loot MRVNs were moved around, modified, or even swapped out for another loot mechanic.

As for what fans do know is coming for Season 9 of Apex next month, Respawn has already confirmed balance changes for legends like Lifeline, Octane, Horizon, and more. The new season is expected to launch on or near May 4, which is when the current Season 8 is scheduled to end.

Teases for who the legend will be in Season 9 are already being released, one example being an image of the Legend’s desk. The items on their desk indicate that they are not only a huge anime fan, but that they are also very interested in the Apex Predators, the mercenary group led by Kuben Blisk in Titanfall.

Apex Legends is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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