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Were you in the situation, when you needed to push instead of pulling a door to leave a room?. Do your friends make fun of you often, because you are confused with interactions like open doors, switch on/off lights, turn on/off devices… etc.?.

Congratulations, you are not the only one!. Stop blaming yourself or being embarrassed, because it is not your fault. After accepting yourself, you must repeat the following mantra: “If a task can not be completed, it is because it’s a bad design”. And… voila!. You are on the way to your cure.

The BEST User Experiences

1. ABC or eGates

Some of you will be thinking what do I mean with ABC… and no, I am not trying to write the alphabet. ABC stands for “Automated Border Control”.

It is a biometric automated border control solution that has been implemented in many countries around the world, for example, Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Singapore, Indonesia…etc.

And this is how these eGates look like.

source: google images — Lyon Airport eGates — new passport control system

Traveling is my only hobby and I must say that I take it very seriously. But as much as I love to discover new countries, I hate to waste a big amount of time lining up to pass the border control.

I have traveled enough to say that every time I see those machines waiting for my passport, I get excited.

They are very easy to interact with since the instructions are displayed on the screen. There are only three steps:

A) Let the machine read your biometrical passport,
B) Put your fingertips on the glass for reading and data collection,
C) Do not smile for the final photo (If you do, “I did once in London and I don’t recommend it”, no worries, the police will stop you as soon as you pass those machines and will make you a full investigation why you want to visit the country).

On the other hand, if you follow the rules, you will be enjoying the city sooner than you thought.

If you would like to know more about it, click here.

2. Online Boarding Pass

It seems that we forgot how was to travel a decade ago when the technology was not as present, neither in our lives nor in the business sector.

Years ago, airline policy was to be hours ahead at the airport and check-in at the counter. Of course, every passenger was having at least one baggage full of clothes and a minimum of 20 Kgs weight.

Thanks to the evolution and revolution of the internet and smartphones, now I can save my time and go directly to the boarding gate without having to print out any paper. Better for us to save time and trees!.

source: google images — online boarding pass — less paper, more trees

3. Triposo App

I can’t forget how useful has been this app since I met it in 2011.

I remember one of my first trips with this app, which was to Prague and, thanks to it, I was able to cover the whole city and find amazing secret places on my own by foot and in only 3 days.

Why is so special you will be wondering?.

  1. You can choose all the locations you want to visit.
  2. The app makes the route for you.
  3. It has geolocation, meaning that it will show you the best way to reach the location that you chose in step 1.
  4. It does not need internet data. All maps are offline as all the information of the places chosen.
  5. It has recommendations and detailed instructions in case you want to use public transport.
  6. You can share your custom maps with other users or friends.
source: google images — triposo app logo — best travel guide

Fun fact: When I traveled to Cuba (many years ago; Fidel Castro was still alive), there was no internet in the country. Because I had Triposo App installed on my smartphone, I was able to guide my driver from Trinidad city to my hotel in the middle of nowhere in Varadero, just using the geolocation and the app on my smartphone.

If you would like to know more about it, click here.

The WORST User Experiences

1. Multimedia Airplane Controller

Have you ever used all of those buttons?. I am not sure why they are not available… This is my mystery unsolved.

source: google images — multimedia airplane controller — too many useless buttons

Yes, as you can see in the photo, this is the most common controller that you will find on an airplane. And don’t think all those buttons are only for business class, you also can find them in the economic one.

In my opinion, those are the worst controllers ever. Too many useless buttons, and if you look at the picture, the pad is very close to the other buttons which sometimes cancels the action you are doing at the moment. Example: I want to jump right, but my thumb just clicks by mistake the button next to it and pauses the game or in the worst-case scenario exit it.

Please, airlines in the world! Listen to the users and make better designs where we can enjoy games, movies, music… etc.

2. Wheels Suitcase

I just hope you don’t have to run to catch a flight rolling a two wheels suitcase…

source: google images — two wheels suitcase — the walking suitcase

Because when you don’t have enough time and your baggage is heavy, the only thing you don’t need is to roll a two wheels suitcase.

We all know how airports are, they are not exactly empty and sometimes you have to make some turns, dodge some kids, jump some stairs…, it seems that your trip started with a decathlon race, to end up queuing completely sweaty and without time to buy some freshwater or pass by the toilet.

I don’t want to even mention when you roll over the only stone at the airport and it gets stuck on your wheel or it gets broken. In that case, you can’t roll anymore, so you better have strong arms to huge your suitcase until your destination.

For these reasons, I switched to a backpack, and I must say that I do not regret at all. I have learned to save and organize a better space.

3. Airplane Folding Tablet Material

Why the airplane tablet is so slippery?.

source: google images — airplane tablet — understandable slippery

I never understood the meaning to have a tablet that can not hold a thing. And I remember one of my trips to Mexico, where we were passing turbulences and at the moment the whole plane was having dinner.

For starter, the round shape that supposes to hold your drink does not work in these scenarios. And the tablet as such is so slippery that it is impossible to keep the small food tablet on it (which is made of the same slippery material as the folding tablet, very smart).

The result of tropical turbulences plus those tablets ended up to have to hold everything on the hands if you did not want to dirt the buddy passenger.

But not everything is bad news, since this experience, when I detect turbulences and I am eating the first thing I do it to swallow at once my drink and continue my meal.

Do we have any chance for the airlines to change the folding tablet material?. Fingers crossed…

What have I learned?

Bad designs can make your life miserable and complicated while having great designs will do the opposite.

Do you agree with any of my experiences?. Would you like to comment on yours?.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts below! Sharing is caring!.

Thank you very much for your time.