Am honoured to be part of the boot camp cycle 15 my journey to Bootcamp has been amazing from the previous six weeks of Women In Tech Leadership cycle3 then to Level up though I joined in late.

Even though I have a tech background I did not know how to program in python and Andela has made it possible for me. I love the fact that my talent is continuously natured.

In the Morning session, we had a detailed introduction about the Andela values from Frank- #YOYO you own your own;
EPIC — Excellence, Passion, Integrity, and Collaboration.
Which entails Taking initiative, Having a broad vision Finishing what I start, Doing more than what is asked of me, Striving to improve and be well informed, Making intentional use of every moment of my time, Planning before acting, Managing and resolving conflict, Respecting others, Using the best available resources, Knowing how to express me clearly in writing and verbally.

My experience Boot camp day 1

we had a session about growth mindset from Florentina which entails to continuously have self-improvement and not to have a fixed mindset.

Also, the big part of it is to a have well laid out plan on how I will be handling my challenges in boot camp through standups by updating what I have been currently working on.

Later on, we were delighted to have a 30 min session with Christina Sass the co-founder of Andela and she talked about her love to bridge the gap between youth employment.

one thing I learnt today was that my neighbour is not my competitor.

Even when am getting challenges I have learnt to constantly keep improving and I shouldn't take failure as failure but as a learning process. Also be open to taking feedback from LFAs to help me improve my work to the standards.


Working as a team is also very key meaning technical skills alone are not the only requirement in the software developing world meaning I should have good communications skills to help me work hand in hand with the customer's — soft skills are also vital.

Also not to have a limitation to the knowledge that means I have to keep on constantly learning and be flexible with the ever-changing technology because of the continuous upgrades and some versions of software might become absolute.

With those challenges and lessons learnt setbacks are inevitable, and they won’t hold me from achieving my dreams and with constantly putting in the hours and honing my craft I believe I will make it.

And with my team of Rockers(MY TEAMS NAME AT BOOTCAMP) at hand, I believe we are going to conquer all the challenges ahead

Our strength is in our diversity.
The magic happens when we work together.