-by Forrest Smith, Dir. Product & Customer Experience
Mar 21, 2017


Today, in partnership with Microsoft, Neverware is launching CloudReady: Office 365 Education Edition - a new take on the same great OS we've been serving up for over 2 years now.

Up until now, CloudReady's Education and Enterprise Editions have been offering Google Drive and Google Apps integrated into the OS for users. When you click a text document, you can seamlessly start editing it in Google Docs. When you save a new document, you can move it to Google Drive and it will follow you across all devices. CloudReady: Office 365 Education Edition offers the same workflow, but using the online tools from Microsoft's Office 365. When you click on a text document, it's opened in Word Online for you to edit. As you make changes, they are saved and sync'd to your Microsoft OneDrive. 

We set out knowing we needed to keep providing a secure and manageable cloud OS, only this time offering an alternative (and beloved) set of tools for the job.

So, why? 

Google Apps are great, but there are lots of ways to benefit from an innovative OS paired with powerful web apps, few of which require Google-hardware or Google-tools. We started CloudReady to address the hardware aspect of this. We wanted people to see that their hardware - or any hardware - could benefit from an innovative OS. We wanted to show what choice could add to the equation. Now we're launching the Office 365 Edition of CloudReady as a leading indication of what choice will do when brought to the tools and integrations in CloudReady.

From where we sit as a company, there's no best choice between Office 365 and Google Apps. Some organizations need the first, some the second. We've been surprised to learn that many need both. Nobody goes golfing with one club, and no organization can survive with just one vendor. The power is in choosing the right tool for the right job.

At Neverware, we believe your OS can be better, and that CloudReady is the answer: an OS that's great at what you do now, and built for what you'll do next. Our partnership with Microsoft is just the first example of what CloudReady is becoming - a more secure, manageable, flexible future for the desktops and laptops that constitute the heart of organizational productivity.