New Battlefield 6

I’m a huge Battlefield fan, but recently, the franchise just doesn’t feel the same. Naturally, any game has to change at some point, but usually not at the cost of its core set of principles. Recent Battlefield titles did just that by excluding large-scale maps and destructible maps. However, the next entry in the long-running franchise may be a return to form. According to new leaks from Battlefield insider Tom HendersonBattlefield 6 will include a number of new features, and the return of levolution.

If it’s added to Battlefield 6, levolutions wouldn’t be anything new. The system was first introduced in Battlefield 3 and continued on a grander scale in Battlefield 4. If you haven’t played either of those titles (I heavily recommend you do), levolutions are an integral, intense mechanic. Essentially, a levolution was a way for players to drastically alter a map by destroying something, hence the mashup of the words “level” and “evolution.” For instance, players in Battlefield 4 could destroy a massive skyscraper in a map set in Shanghai, creating a new, ruined area to fight in and getting rid of a massive sniper perch.

According to Henderson, the new form of levolution in Battlefield 6 will be “levolution, but on steroids.” He goes on to claim that there will be multiple massive destruction-causing events on maps and that every building can be destroyed “in some capacity.” This destruction will also be physics-based, so if a building has its left side blown out it won’t just collapse down. Instead, it will react to destruction accordingly.

In a video going over leaked new information, Henderson also discusses multiple new features coming in Battlefield 6. One of the more prominent features is the addition of platoons. Much like squads, platoons are a way of organizing teams and players. Due to the larger player count coming in Battlefield 6, players will need to organize at a larger scale, and platoons, groups made up of multiple squads, should allow that.

So far, Battlefield 6 has a vague release window of holiday season, 2021.

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