Techland has released a new Dying Light DLC pack, just in time for Christmas, adding a new outfit and weapon to the popular survival game.

The Snow Ops Bundle brings a tiny dose of festive cheer to the streets of Haran, allowing you to dress up as the Winter Warrior while wielding a chilling new weapon.

This latest Dying Light DLC is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, priced at £1.69 / €1.59 / $1.99.

The Winter Warrior outfit, will keep you warm even in the worst of freeze and provide a 20% bonus to leveling up your agility, power, survivor and legend skill trees. But an outfit is not enough to deal with all the threats in Harran – you’ll need a weapon too! The Snowstorm is a unique grenade launcher that will hit your enemies with a real cold snap, completely freezing them. You can find a trailer for Snow Ops Bundle here.

The Snow Ops bundle includes:

  • The Winter Warrior outfit:
    • 20% bonus to leveling up your agility, power, survivor and legend skill trees
  •  The Snowstorm grenade launcher:
    • Freezes nearby enemies
    • Higher recoil
    • 6 grenades in magazine
    • Unique shooting and reloading animation and sound

Dying Light is rapidly approaching its sixth anniversary and still continues to receive support from Techland and its voracious fanbase. The game recently launched on Nintendo Switch – one of the hybrid console’s best port to date. Here’s what we had to say:

“Techland has made clever cuts to retain everything great about the survival horror hit and whether you’re looking to revisit the game or coming to it completely fresh ahead of Dying Light 2’s release in February, this Switch release is well worth considering.”

We’re just weeks away from the release of Dying Light 2 after numerous delays. With a new setting, refined mechanics, and a narrative that bends to your choices, it’s one of our most anticipated sequels coming in 2022.

Source: Press Release