With proven pedagogy that emphasizes critical-thinking, problem-solving, and in-depth coverage, New Perspectives helps students develop the Microsoft Office 2013 skills they need to be successful in college and beyond. Updated with all new case-based tutorials, NEW PERSPECTIVES MICROSOFT ACCESS 2013 continues to engage students in applying skills to real-world situations, making concepts relevant. A new Troubleshoot case problem enhances critical thinking, and a new tutorial on Managing Your Files helps students navigate Windows 8. As always, New Perspectives improves learning outcomes and transference of skills by helping students understand why what they're learning is important.

Table of Contents

Tutorial 1: Creating a Database: Tracking Patient, Visit, and Billing Data
Tutorial 2: Building a Database and Defining Table Relationships: Creating the Billing and Patient Tables
Tutorial 3: Maintaining and Querying a Database: Updating and Retrieving Information about Patients, Visits, and Invoices
Tutorial 4: Creating Forms and Reports: Using Forms and Reports to Display Patient and Visit Data
Tutorial 5: Creating Advanced Queries and Enhancing Table Design: Making the Clinic Database Easier to Use
Tutorial 6: Using Form Tools and Creating Custom Forms: Creating Forms for Chatham Community Health Services
Tutorial 7: Creating Custom Reports: Creating Custom Reports for Chatham Community Health Services
Tutorial 8: Sharing, Integrating, and Analyzing Data: Importing, Exporting, Linking, and Analyzing Data in the Clinic Database
Tutorial 9: Using Action Queries and Advanced Table Relationships: Enhancing User Interaction with the Health Database
Tutorial 10: Automating Tasks with Macros: Creating a User Interface for the Health Database
Tutorial 11: Using and Writing Visual Basic for Applications Code: Creating VBA Code for the Health Database
Tutorial 12: Managing and Securing a Database: Administering the Health Database
Additional Case 1: Enhancing a Charity Database
Additional Case 2: Tracking Animal Licenses and Citations
Additional Case 3: Student Volunteer Activities for Southern Ridge College
Appendix A: Relational Databases and Database Design