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Lightbulbs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. These new Philips HUE bulbs appear to offer more variety than ever without sacrificing the functionality that people love from the HUE brand.

Lately, we've seen a flurry of bulb updates in the HUE line, from standard everyday bulbs to more specialized forms and sizes all receiving that new Bluetooth functionality that everyone seems to be after.

This latest round of leaks includes several specialized types of bulbs, including filament options and various spotlights, too. The most visually stunning of these new leaks are the filament bulb options, which are absolutely gorgeous to look at. All three bulbs appear to be 2700K Warm White and come in three sizes: Standard A19 style, G25 Globe style, and ST19 Edison type.

Oddly enough, these bulbs may feature a 10,000 hour lesser lifespan than other HUE LED bulbs, clocking in at around the 15,000-hour lifetime usable limit instead of the 25,000-hour rating as we're accustomed to seeing.

Since these are leaks, prices aren't confirmed but appear to be about double the price of the same HUE bulb in a comparable size. The A19 Warm White Filament should retail for around $/€20. The ST19 should sell for $/€25. While the G25 looks to be priced at around $/€30.

The leaks from German blog hueblog.de suggest that they'll be debuting in the very near future, in September. So look for these to hit both physical and virtual shelves soon.

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Even more bulbs coming soon

The second set of leaks looks to be updated versions of Philips' Fugato line of spotlight bulbs. These new bulbs come in sets of 3 or 4 lights in a fixture, depending on the design needs for your home, and feature the full 16-million color options and new Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Philips looks to be introducing a new 'Centura' recessed bulb which appears to be a replacement for the existing 'Miliskin' line, which seems to be a far better name in our estimation. This new line isn't just a renamed set of fixtures and bulbs though. The Centura line also increases the capabilities of these fixtures by introducing the full 16-million color palette as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Philips looks to be launching a massive list of new bulbs and fixtures, totaling around 15 new products between the first week of September through the first week of November.

These new products sell for between $/€20 and $/€150 and cover the gamut of styles and colors.

Bluetooth is the Key

What's the big deal about this new Bluetooth functionality, anyway? While Bluetooth has been a wireless standard for many different technologies, Philips has been resisting the use of Bluetooth and WiFi standards in its HUE line for a number of reasons. Aside from added cost and complexity, the Philips HUE bridge can already connect up to 50 different HUE bulbs and uses a proprietary Zigbee standard that's designed for security and local-use only.

Bluetooth is an excellent addition for many consumers because it offers the same secure local-only connectivity all while erasing the need for a HUE Hub in many circumstances. The biggest downside to only using Bluetooth with these bulbs is that you won't have remote control of the bulbs and won't be able to link them to other services, like IFTTT, or have them be controlled via your favorite virtual assistant.

Still, this is an excellent way to outfit any home, especially smaller ones. It also lowers the barrier of entry by about $60.

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