Amazon is starting Cyber Monday early. LG hasn’t had enough with a single Flex. Meanwhile, a new Sony full-frame camera is coming to America soon.

Amazon starts Cyber Monday deals early, ends them late

Amazon got rid of some Black Friday stress by allowing you to shop awesome deals for a whole week before actual Black Friday came around. The online retailer is now announcing they are handling Cyber Monday in a similar manner.

Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals are actually starting tomorrow, November 29th, and the offers will last for 8 days. New deals will be added as fast as every 10 minutes, so you gotta be n your toes for this one.

Opinion: Amazon will be having some pretty hot deals, at least based on what I can see in their list. Samsung and Sony 40-inch TVs will be going for $298, for example. You can also get up to $50 in credit if you buy SONOS speakers, or $30 off some Bose headphones.


LG G Flex 2 announcement coming during CES

It has been over a year since the LG G Flex was announced – is a successor in the works? According to Android Authority’s sources, the LG G Flex 2 is very much in the works, and should be announced at CES, this January.

The device is said to have an HD OLED display, and will be smaller than the first Flex. The self-healing material is also said to make a come-back, so it won’t be easy to get this bad boy scratched (unless you are trying, of course).

Opinion: I used the first LG G Flex and can say I actually liked the device quite a bit. I didn’t find much advantage in the flexible display, though. Regardless, it was a good phone, and I do believe a smaller size and some upgrades would make the G Flex 2 a better phone.


Sony A7 II camera coming to the USA on December 9th

When it comes to full-frame, mirror-less cameras, Sony is king. Not many other manufacturers specialize on small full-frame cameras. Meanwhile, Sony’s A7 line-up is flourishing.

The A7 II comes with multiple improvements. Sony has added a 5-axis image stabilization system. And it happens to work with any lens you mount on the body, including the older lenses with adapters. Auto-focus is also 30% faster and has 50% better tracking abilities (this was a big complaint).

Enough about the details, though. When can you get it? Well, Sony has just announced the new camera will launch in the USA on December 9th. It will cost $1699 for the body alone, or $1999 with a lens.

Opinion: We know it’s pricey, but keep in mind this is a full-frame camera. This price is pretty standard among those types of shooters. And if you want a small body full-frame camera, this is one of your best option.


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