1 Beyond and Sennheiser Combine Products To Create Voice-Activated Camera Tracking Solution

1 beyond Automate VX and Sennheisers Team Connect Ceiling 2 camera systemSennheiser and 1 Beyond announced the release of a new camera tracking solution that offers voice-activated camera tracking for rooms of any size such as classrooms, boardrooms, multipurpose meeting spaces and more.

1 Beyond says many systems using the integration of the 1 Beyond Automate VX and Sennheiser’s Team Connect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) have been activated at financial institutions, universities and hospitals since early summer of 2021. The solution leverages audio beam position information provided by the TCC2 microphone array with 1 Beyond’s camera positioning algorithm to offer close-up shots of people speaking in a room. Multiple ceiling microphones can be combined to cover larger spaces, and up to 12 cameras can be placed anywhere to get the best camera angles regardless of where the speaker is located.

Here’s a video that explains how it works:

The features include:

  • A switching algorithm: with multiple cameras, the remote participants see broadcast-style cuts and no camera movement.
  • Auto-configuration based on a room design: No camera presets need to be set manually.
  • Customizable shot widths: the installer can select how tight or broad the camera angles should be.
  • Ability to distinguish between seated and standing participants: uses the microphone’s reported height as well as horizontal position of the talker.
  • More possible camera angles per microphone: The beam can point to up to 700 unique positions giving more precise audio location information.
  • Multi-source layouts: show a wide shot of room along with an active speaker for context.
  • A discussion mode that shows the two most recent talkers in side-by-side.

You can book a live demo of it here.

Source: ravepubs.com

1 Beyond and Sennheiser Combine Products To Create Voice-Activated Camera Tracking Solution