10 Best Hemp And CBD Dispensaries In California

With the legalization of hemp in California, the demand for different strains is becoming tough. Whether you like topical, sublingual, edibles, or inhalation, you’ll need to know where to go to fulfill that desire. Hemp and CBD dispåensaries aren’t just somewhere to go for a puff and pass out, but they’re also exceptionally well-designed destinations. 

The420times.com bring you to the new world of high-end cannabis culture by giving you the details of ten perfect California dispensaries. They are available with personal lounges, exquisite design, and pleasant, knowledgeable workers. This information has been gathered after a lot of extensive research and we feels proud in delivering its final list –

  1. Med Men – Southern California

Med Men has multiple locations – 18 facilities nationwide and 7 in Southern California. The products are on display, and guests are encouraged to browse and explore.

Med Men describes itself as “The Apple Store of Cannabis” which is quite easy to see why. Every location has a sleek, high-class look like that of a modern electronics store. The staff is quite knowledgeable and ready with answers to any kind of questions related to their products.

  1. The Apothecarium – Castro – San Francisco

The Apothecarium has become a worldwide model for marijuana dispensary design, with three outlets in San Francisco and one in Las Vegas. Each outlet offers a unique, yet inviting, design experience.

Archaeological Digest declared the Castro dispensary the best-designed dispensary in the country. 

  1. Bud and Bloom – Santa Ana 

Bud & Bloom was one of the first dispensaries in Orange County to get a recreational hemp and CBD license, and it is actively involved in reaching out to the community who is deprived of CBD, providing a free shuttle service for seniors to and from the dispensary, where they can purchase and interact with their peers.

You will be offered premium flowers, vaporizers, concentrates, and edibles that are lab-tested and also meet the highest standards of the industry.

  1. Grass Roots – San Francisco 

Grass Roots makes shopping even easier with an excellent online menu and house call service, but we highly recommend paying a visit to this lovely bud center. For more than 17 years, Grass Roots is into the business as an established firm while striving to curate a consistent menu for its guests.

  1. Urban Leaf – San Diego

Urban Leaf is your one-stop shop for all hemp goods, with three lovely locations in San Diego. Urban Leaf’s collection of items is unrivaled and perfect for any type of consumer, with professionalism that inspires inquiry, discovery, and conversation.

The store features a comfortable retail space with a mission to set new standards in the hemp industry by sourcing the best quality products and serving them in a safe, accessible environment.

  1. Barbary Coast – San Francisco

Barbary Coast is another San Francisco’s marijuana dispensary. To acquire entrance to the Cannabis Lounge, all you need to do is donate medicine or products and give a receipt.

The social sitting area offers access to the best products to the guests. The environment is relaxing with a display of sports events that are shown on their huge 5 HD screens. 

  1. Airfield Supply Company – San Jose

Airfield Supply Company is a stunning dispensary in California. They also offer Happy Hours from Monday to Friday 2 pm-4 pm. 

They offer excellent customer service and profound knowledge to help their guests while making a purchase. 

  1. Harvest on Geary – San Francisco

Harvest on Geary has 2 dispensaries in San Francisco. It also has a private member-only club for CBD users

This is no typical dispensary, you take one step towards it and you will feel the difference immediately. You will be spoilt with choice with their exceptional service and all-natural lab-tested products.

  1. Caliva – San Jose 

Caliva is the ideal combination of Silicon Valley technology, and OG growhouse, and a stylish product presentation. Caliva’s 95,000-square-foot cultivation plant is vertically integrated, meaning the CBD flower is cultivated, harvested, processed, and marketed on-site.

  1.  Cookies – Los Angeles

Berner, a hip hop artist, and hemp magnate founded the chain of cutting-edge dispensaries to create a new standard in a city where pot stores abound.

How to Buy Weed, CBD, and Marijuana?

Above mentioned dispensaries are just a few to name but there are endless dispensaries in California. If you’re above 21 years of age and have valid proof, you can buy CBD gummiesCBD flowers, vape juice, tincture, oil, or strains. If these dispensaries are not in your area, then check dispensaries near me on a search engine. Some of them also deliver at home. 


Online CBD stores are the best way to get desired CBD and hemp-derived products. It is not only because of speedy delivery and third-party lab reports, as many say, but it is also about deals and discounts that you get online. Get your hands on the best product online through a trusted brand. 


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10 Best Hemp And CBD Dispensaries In California