10 Handy Desk Accessories That Have Nothing to Do with Tech

Laptop? Check. Second monitor? Check. Wi-Fi? Check. Now that you’ve secured all of the basic techy components you need in order to work from home, it’s time to consider what handy accessories will elevate your desk set-up.

With the hybrid work model becoming the new normal in workspaces around the world, having an ergonomic and inviting office desk is more important than ever. After all, seeing as the average full-time employee spends 40 hours at their desk each week, you want to ensure you are equipped with everything you need so you can concentrate on delivering your best performance.

From a wrist rest to a sticky note holder, check out our must-have desk accessories below.

A chair mat for your office chair, now $56.40 (down from $129)

Chair mat
Image: Marbig

A chair mat is a total game-changer if you live in a carpeted home, since a rolling chair won’t do much… rolling. A desk mat takes about 80% less effort to move around, and it’s also a top idea if you want to rid yourself of all that annoying static electricity when working.

It’s also perfect for preventing scratches or scuff marks on your floorboards.

Shop it here for $56.40.

Under desk keyboard drawer, now $54 (down from $129.95)

Under desk keyboard drawer
Image: Kensington

If you own a desk without a keyboard drawer, you don’t have to buy a new one. Instead, you can install this one by Kensington to your home office desk, which can comfortably fit both your keyboard and mouse. It even comes inlaid with a mousepad and wrist rest, so you’re all ready to go.

Just like all keyboard drawers, it can slide neatly under your desk and out of sight when it’s time to clock off for the day. It also allows you to adjust the height to ergonomically reduce wrist pain.

Shop it here for $54.

A footrest, now $30 (down from $44.95)

Image: Kensington

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Aside from swapping in an ergonomic office chair, have you considered investing in a good footrest?

A footrest is good motivation for sitting properly, and this one by Kensington will not only reduce back strain, but it will also give you a nice massage on the soles of your feet. And who doesn’t want a foot massage while hard at work?

Buy it now for $30.

A cute sticky note holder, $38.51

Image: Post-It

For a place you’re going to sit at for about eight hours a day, five days a week — you’re going to want your home office desk to look as inviting and fun as can be.

Then we recommend jazzing up your desk with either a plant or an adorable cat-shaped sticky note holder. But hey, if a cat doesn’t speak to your soul, just know there’s also a polar bear or an apple version available.

Get yours here for $38.51.

A leather deskmate, $49.99

This leather pad is the best home office accessory
Image: Satechi

We’re not sure about you, but if your laptop likes to slip and slide around your home office desk while typing, you might want to consider an eco-leather deskmate. This snazzy desk accessory by Satechi doubles as a non-slip mat that’ll keep your computer firmly in place, plus a stylish mouse pad.

It also happens to be water-resistant, making it easier to clean up any accidental spills.

Shop it here for $49.99.

A laptop cooling stand, now $26.95 (down from $49.95)

Laptop cooling stand
Image: Kensington

There’s two big reasons you need to consider a laptop stand.

One: you won’t have to sacrifice a bag of rice for your laptop if any spillages occur. And two? Ergonomics, baby. Without the elevation that a laptop stand brings, you’ll find yourself constantly dropping your head downwards, putting unnecessary strain on the back of your neck. Thanks to the weight of your big ol’ brain, this will eventually put a lot of strain on your spine, which will catch up with you in later life.

The added benefit of this laptop stand is that it was designed to improve your laptop’s air circulation, thus preventing it from overheating.

Shop it here for $26.95. If you’d prefer a more elevated laptop stand, you can check out this one by Bonelk here for $99.95. Otherwise, you can roll with this vertical stand for $59.

A reversible octopus plushie, $13.99

Image: Rainbean

So, you’re probably thinking, “What? Why do I need a little plushie on my home office desk?” Well, for starters, it adds character. Another reason is that these reversible octopus plushies are a fun way to indicate to your family or housemates that you mean business.

While my family shouldn’t interrupt me while I’m working, sometimes they just can’t help it. When I’m in an important meeting or buckling down into my hour of power to meet a deadline, I like to flip over my octopus to its grumpy face to let others know I can’t be disturbed. Once my octopus has its happy face back, they’re welcome to pop into my home office to ask a quick question.

You’d be surprised how strangely effective it is.

Get your desk mascot here for $13.99.

A wrist-supporting gel mouse pad, $15

A gel mouse pad is the best desk accessory you could ask for
Image: Kensington

When I first started a desk job, I found that my right hand suffered from severe wrist pain every day. All that clicking, typing and exploring using a mouse started to give me a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome. It was strange to think that something that required such little movement resulted in so much pain.

In an effort to relieve this pain, one of my colleagues hooked me up with a gel wrist rest. And the rest is history.

Shop it here for $15.

A back support, now $55 (down from $99.95)

Image: Kensington

Ergonomics, ergonomics, ergonomics. It’s funny how we don’t realise how dangerous sitting can be, right? This SmartFit conform backrest is ideal for providing maximum support to your spine and lower back while seated. Plus, it’ll improve your posture even after years of slouching down to stare at a screen.

Your back will thank you in 20 years.

Get some back support here for $55.

A standing desk, $369.95

A standing desk
Image: Artiss

While we suppose you can’t quite call it an “accessory”, a desk is ever essential for a home office set-up. Don’t resign yourself to the dining room table or, god forbid, your bed. No, no. A standing desk is where it’s at and chiefly for what it can offer you.

You see, we’re willing to bet that most of you who work from home aren’t standing up and walking as much as you’d like. By working more from home, you’re cutting out chunks of natural exercise from your daily commute.

That’s where a standing desk comes in handy. It gives you the opportunity to get off your tush and stretch your legs. Plus, you’re more likely to burn some calories by standing up than you ever will sitting down.

This one from Artiss is very convenient because it features a motorised control panel, so you can easily set the height of your desk.

Buy one here for $369.95.

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10 Handy Desk Accessories That Have Nothing to Do with Tech