10 Hilariously Terrible Date Stories From Real NYers

If you’ve ever been single in NYC you know the dating scene is anything but easy!

And in a city with 8 million people, you’d sure expect a much better dating pool than the sad reality.

We asked our fabulous following to share their worst NYC date stories, and boy did they deliver. So whether you’ve given up on love or you’re still searching for your soulmate, at least we can find humor in these hilarious dates gone wrong that, of course, would only happen in NYC.


1. She thought it would be cool to recreate the When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene at a restaurant. It was not cool.


2. My date’s wife showed up at the restaurant and beat him up. He never mentioned a wife. This was our first and last date.


3. I went out with a doctor. He was perfect on paper and everything was great until he said he was intrigued with cannibalism. I grabbed my purse and walked out of the door.



4. I went on a first date to Caroline’s with a wannabe comedian who decided to heckle the comics.


5. We were running up the steps to catch the subway and I missed the last step. I completely flatted out in front of everyone. My date was laughing so hard he took off running in the station.


6. We went to dinner for our first date, and ten minutes into dinner he asked me “Are you going to finish that”? He then proceeded to drink himself into oblivion, grabbed my glass, finished off my wine, and for the grand finale, he blew his nose with the tablecloth. And that was the end of that date.



7. My date took me ice skating at Rockefeller center I didn’t know how to ice skate instead of teaching me he left me sitting on the ice and skated away saying he payed a lot of money for this date and was going to enjoy himself.


8. He literally answered the phone in the middle of the date…it was his boyfriend asking where he was. So we had to end the date quickly. For the cherry on top, we had to take the same train for 5 stops.



9. Went to a play on Broadway “Mary Stuart” – Harriet Walter and Janet McTeer – totally dialogue-driven. Sat in first row. My date fell asleep and started snoring. Sooo embarrassing.


10. He gave me his PHD Dissertation on organic chemistry on our first date.

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10 Hilariously Terrible Date Stories From Real NYers