10 Makers Of Fun & Funky Christmas Jewelry I'm Loving This Week

It's Black Friday, bots, so I bet a lot of you are bunkering down at home, eating leftover turkey, and - oh yes - shopping online. Woo woo!

So in the spirit of retail therapy that doesn't require elbow pads *or* pants, allow me to present some Christmas Jewelry Currently Endangering My Bank Account, or CJCEMBA, for short.

I'm not a big fan of traditional department store bling, so I went for a merry stroll down Etsy lane. I also did my best to focus on independent artists and makers, so we can help support some more small businesses while we shop.


Then please... jingle this way.

First up, the sweet vintage designs of Lali Blue:

Gema has 35 different Christmas designs in her shop right now, from brooches to necklaces to earrings, and they remind me of vintage holiday cards in the best ways:

I spent way too long trying to decide which ones to show you, they're all SO GOOD.

Most of them are also dimensional, with stacked layers or wood or acrylic. So cool.

Be sure to visit her shop to see the rest!


Disney fans, you'll want to bookmark Le Petit Mouse:

I can't get enough of these adorable gingerbread Minnie & Mickey pins:

She has plenty of non-holiday designs in her shop you'll love, too.


If you're A Christmas Story fan, then Wilder Mind Design Co has the earrings for you:

In dangle or stud, and made of wood so they're not... fra-GIL-e. ;)


Born 2 Blossom Designs is another shop tormenting me with too many awesome choices. LOOK:

For my Friends friends. Look at the glittery fez & mirror lenses in the sunglasses!

They also have A Christmas Story earrings:
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10 Makers Of Fun & Funky Christmas Jewelry I'm Loving This Week