10 Subtle Things That Prove You Are More Attractive Than You Think

Sometimes as guys we can feel like we don't have that attractive quality that will catch a girl's eye.

People will tell you a perfect six-pack or a Lamborghini is what you need.

The truth is, we're already attractive. How do I know this?

That's what I found when I did the research and looked through women's magazines, forums and surveys.

I noticed the little things women love that you and I don't even notice we do. Once you know what you're doing, you can stop doing them by accident and use them to your advantage.

I guarantee you already do at least one of these without noticing. Some challenged my expectations, but the more I dug into it, I saw a trend…

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Attractive Quality #1 The Little Things

man wearing backwards baseball cap

I thought wearing a baseball cap backward was sloppy and best left to frat bros. It seems I might be in the minority though. While I was doing my research, I saw women say they really like a man who does this. Maybe women like the relaxed, devil-may-care look a backward baseball cap can give you.

How about rolling up your sleeves? You might think this is practical when you're doing dirty work or chores but this is apparently a very popular look women love to see on their man.

It's not hard to see why women mentioned this. You're showing some skin, they can see the veins in your arms while you do your thing, it's a good look.

“BACKWARDS BALL CAPS! Any time a man slides that bill to the back, he instantly gets hotter!” – jedicajohnsonjblove


Attractive Quality #2 Putting On A Tie…Then Undoing It

high quality ties are attractive, demonstrated by a man adjusting his smart outfit

However you look at it, women seem to love seeing a man wearing a tie. The humble necktie can instantly pull together a smart-casual outfit and make a suit look sexier.

Going black tie? Wearing a bowtie undone might seem like a cliché to you and me, but it still seems to work wonders on women. You still look smart but it makes you more approachable and relaxed, you're in your element.

“An untied bow tie. That floors me.” – ElineK


Attractive Quality #3 Wearing Boots

man in jeans wearing boots

After doing this research, I recommend each one of you pick up a pair of boots. GQ asked 200 women what the most attractive shoes men could wear for a first date would be and 77% said boots.

This makes sense to me. You're associating yourself with the tough-as-nails workers and cowboys of legend who created the modern world over the last two centuries. You might not be a tough man hard at work every day but it couldn't hurt to look like you're ready to fell a tree at a moment's notice.


Attractive Quality #4 Leveraging The Power Of Accessories

man wearing a quality watch holding hands with his girlfriend

Gentlemen, if you're not wearing a belt and watch you need to get on it because women will notice. They instantly improve any outfit. Get into the habit of putting a belt and watch on first thing in the morning as part of your daily routine. Before you know it, you won't even realize you're doing it.

If you wear contact lenses, try a pair of glasses. The women have spoken and I'm 100% with them because the science backs it up. The human eye loves symmetry, and that's what glasses give you. They make you objectively better-looking.

“Ooh, when a man wears glasses. Yas mama!” – sarahas1516

Simply put, ladies love a well-put-together man.


Attractive Quality #5 Controlling Your Car

woman looking happy in passenger car seat

Another quality you might need to be a woman to fully understand! Driving your car with one hand or just two fingers on the steering wheel was mentioned as something women love to see their men do. Also, driving with one elbow resting on your open window. Handling a car with ease gives you a relaxed presence women want to be around.

Lastly, parallel parking will impress your guy friends but is also a great trick you should be showing off to the women in your life.

Ultimately, what these come down to is showing you are in control of the vehicle. Whoever is with you in the car can feel safe.

“When my husband smoothly pulls our truck into a tight spot…Oooooooooooh.”

– daschap


Attractive Quality #6 Proving You're Thinking Of Her

man holding gift and purse for his girlfriend to demonstrate the quality of caring

Here's another thing you can do without even leaving the car: reverse with your hand on her headrest. You're reminding the woman you have in the passenger seat she is on your mind.

Even small gestures like putting your hand on the small of your wife's back or giving her the ‘soft eyes' across a table in a restaurant will mean the world. It just lets her know you're thinking of her.

As one woman put it, “I'll catch my boyfriend looking at me with that softer look, and I'll say, teasingly, ‘You're staring!' and he'll say, ‘Gazing!' and look away.”


Attractive Quality #7 Showing Off Your Brainpower

man drinking coffee and reading a book

Next up, women love a guy who's smart but without coming off as arrogant.

How do you show you're intelligent without bragging about it? It doesn't have to be complicated, even holding or reading a book in public increases your attractiveness.

Did you know there's an entire Instagram account dedicated to good-looking guys reading books on the subway? Just saying…


Attractive Quality #8 Caring For Yourself And Others

creating delicious food is very attractive

“I LOVE watching my boyfriend cook,” one woman wrote in a Reddit thread. Women love it when a guy shows he can sustain himself and others. A home-cooked meal made from scratch, served in an organized and clean house, is indisputable evidence. After all, how many women want to date a man who's actually looking for a free cook/cleaner?

Of course, the guys who get guaranteed full credit are the men who are good with kids. It should be no surprise a woman's maternal instincts makes her more interested in someone who can take care of children, even if the relationship is just beginning.


Attractive Quality #9 Wearing A Well-Fitted Shirt

man wearing a tight fitted henley shirt

Think about it, guys love when a woman wears a form-fitting dress. This is the equivalent for men.

If you have an athletic, V-shaped build, a tight t-shirt is perfect. Black or white is best, women say. Those of you who are larger or with a pear-shaped body, opt for a casual button-down shirt. Go here for a complete guide to men's body shapes and what fits best.

“A good muscular packed chest that looks amazing under a shirt.” – luvcrgirl


Attractive Quality #10 Running Your Fingers Through Your Hair

running a hand through your hair is an attractive quality

In one thread I saw, a user wrote about when men “run their fingers through their hair. Especially when they're doing it subconsciously, like while thinking”.

I think this shows the value in seeing what women themselves really think. Sometimes it really can be the things you or I wouldn't think twice about that drive a woman crazy. You probably do this at least once a day without even realizing it.

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This research was really interesting for me. Some of these only take a second to actually do but it's the thought and attention to detail that count, which clearly comes out in the findings here.

Looking relaxed and approachable while still being strong and in control seems to be what unites all of these. That said, some of these (I'm looking at you, backward baseball cap!) were really unexpected and I had a lot of fun putting together this list and video.

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10 Subtle Things That Prove You Are More Attractive Than You Think