12 Miles To Paradise

In order to experience rare solitude, dazzling colors and soul-quenching freedom around Zion, you need only to walk, ride, run or paddle quietly in any direction. It's "out there," if you are willing to work for it.

I never tire of Chinle. The trail begins between Rockville and Springdale, then winds it's way through a collection of glass and stucco mega-homes geared and priced for the mega-rich. After a mile or so, though, you break into wilderness...free from wishing you'd bought a plot of land back when it was one third the price of now. That's ok. We get the same views for free from our Rv BLM boondock.    

We took a side trip, trying to find a way down into Huber Wash....but were "cliffed out" by "pour-offs" each time.

It was forecasted to start raining around 1 pm, so had our rain jackets and a few layers, just in case the "liars" were right this time. I mean, it's been 162 days since it last rained here.

There are some fine petrified wood specimens here and there along the way. Hard to believe a substantial forest with large trees grew here in what is now considered desert.

One of the larger trees in the petrified forest

We could smell the rain coming long before it caught up with us. Such a delicious aroma, desert rain. Eventually we felt a smattering of cold droplets smacking our bare dry skin. Lovely.   

Our turn-around point

Let it rain...

Peace out,
mark and bobbie

Source: boxcanyonblog

12 Miles To Paradise