How to get the Chanel Parisian look this (stay at home) Christmas

Chanel Parisian look

Perennially chic and instantly iconic, the Parisian look is just what the doctor ordered this festive season. Here’s how to perfect it, according to Chanel makeup artist Ninni Nummela. 

There are few beauty looks more iconic than the red lip meets feline flick Parisian look. And there are few brands who do it better than Chanel.

Since Gabrielle Chanel created her first red lipstick in 1924, the historic fashion house has become synonymous with the distinctly French, never-not chic look of sharp liner, slightly smudged red lip and flawless base. Naturally, then, it can feel like there’s a lot riding on getting it right.

But there’s no need to be precious about it says Chanel makeup artist Ninni Nummela: “It’s all about enhancing your individual beauty rather than covering up.”

If we could narrow 2020 down to one beauty philosophy? We’ll take this one.

So, if for no reason other than surprising your loved ones (who have probably seen you in nothing but hoodies and lip balm since March) we’re advocating for celebrating the festive season in style. Even if it looks a little different this year.

Ninni let Marie Claire in on all the secrets of perfecting the Parisian look at home this Christmas. Just add a Breton stripe and a glass of red and voilà – you’re officially French. (Almost.)

How to get the Chanel Parisian look

How to get the Parisian look

Chanel makeup artist Ninni Nummela tells Marie Claire how to perfect the Parisian look. Credit: Chanel

Why do a lot of people still turn to the ‘Parisian look’ (red lip, cat eye flick) after so many years?

‘It’s sophisticated, chic, and all about enhancing your individual beauty rather than covering up. A simple red lip paired with a flick and naturally dewy skin is instantly flattering and can easily be tweaked from a day look to a more glamorous evening look,’ says Ninni.

get the parisian look

Credit: Chanel Beauty

Are there any tips you can offer on applying red lipstick in a ‘French’ way?

‘An effortless bold red lip is a French beauty staple, quick and easy, never too perfect. No need for a lip liner, start by applying the colour straight from the bullet in the middle of the lips and rub your lips together,’ she advises. ‘Use your little finger or a rounded cotton bud to soften the edges for a slightly blurred outline. My go-to reds are Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Fascinante and Nightfall, both beautiful matte statement reds.’

how to get the Chanel Parisian look

Credit: Chanel Beauty

What’s the best way to do a cat eye flick?

‘The key to getting the lifting effect is the right placement of the flick,’ says Ninni. ‘A great trick is to look straight into the mirror and draw the flick from the outer corner of your eye up to where you want the flick to end. From there it’s easy to continue the line along the top lash line. I personally prefer using a pencil as it makes it easier to correct any possible mistakes, and I like a slightly lived-in effect. Chanel’s Precision Eye Definer is a favourite and it comes in flattering deep shades perfect for an eye enhancing cat eye flick.’

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How to get the Chanel Parisian look this (stay at home) Christmas