Toddler Boys Toys

Toddler boys are one of my favorite ages to buy toys for. This age is full of exploring and figuring out who they are. This list contains The BEST Toys for Toddler Boys. You will find everything from inexpensive to more expensive to fit everyones needs. These gifts are tried and true favorites are from other boys, friends, and moms. 

The BEST Toddler Boy Toy Ideas.

The BEST Toys for Toddler Boys

This list contains some of my favorites as well as my girlfriends must have toys for their little ones. I find it extra hard to buy toys for my little ones when they are not as vocal and tell you exactly what they want.  When they are older they never stop telling you what they want.

I always try to keep in mind toys that can grow with my kids.  I also try and find toys that will challenge them so it can keep their attention a little longer.

 BEST Pretend Play

Toddlers are the perfect age to begin to buy pretend play toys. I love watching their little minds come up with new stories and ways of playing with toys. 

My little boys favorite toy at this age was definitely his pretend workbench. He likes to pretend like he is working just like dad and mom fixing things. 

The BEST Pretend Play toys for Toddler Boys.

Perfect Animal Toys

Animals are one of those toys that grows with your child. My little guy plays with his animals in the bathtub, outside, with his friends and anywhere else he brings them.  My kids have always loved going to the zoo, so having “animals” of their own to play with is fun for them. 

The BEST Animal Toys for Toddler Boys.

BEST Trucks & Cars

There is something about boys and trucks, cars & airplanes. My little guy has loved all of them since he was little. I don’t think the love boys has for these things ever leaves……

One of my little guys favorite things to play with is his semi truck that hold his cars. He loves to load it up with all of his favorite cars and take them all over the house. 

The BEST Car & Truck toy ideas for toddler boys.

Building Set Ideas

One of my favorite things to buy for my little ones is different types of building sets. They get so creative with each set. Building Sets are a great idea to start little minds off early using the creative part of their brain.

One of my favorite brand of sets to buy is LEGO’s. We love LEGO’s at our house. LEGO’s last a long time and can grow old along with your kids.

The BEST building sets for toddler boys.

Educational Toys

I really like to get my kids educational toys to play with that challenge their mind and require them to think differently. This list contains some of my favorite educational and electronic toys to challenge your toddler to think why they are playing. 

The BEST educational toy ideas for toddler boys.

Outdoor Play Ideas

Toddlers are so fun to play outside with. They are into exploring EVERYTHING. One of my little guys favorite thing to do is go down slides. We love this Little Tikes slide because its small enough that they don’t get hurt on it when they fall off. 

Another one of our favorite items is the balance bike. This is a great way to teach your little ones how to figure out their balance and eventually ride a bike without ever using training wheels. 

The BEST outdoor toy ideas for toddler boys.

I love making these list because sharing our favorite toys is one of my passions.

I hope I have provided you will enough ideas to get started on your shopping.  If there is anything that your kiddo loves at this age that I missed, please leave me a note in the comments below.  I would love to hear about it.


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Toddler Boys Toys