18-20 April 2019. Easter Jeep Safari

18 April. The fourth trail we signed up for was a hands on “learn how to get unstuck (recovery)” course at an area called “Behind the Rocks”. We spent the morning out there with winches and high-lift jacks, then headed out for a little trail ride. We did one tough obstacle, it’s called Roller Coaster. There’s actually one more little ledge at the top that didn’t get captured on the video.https://youtu.be/hoj2PhNmrKk

Climbing the “roller coaster” “behind the rocks”

19 April – The next day we spent exploring the vendor show. (They only have it on 2 days of the Easter Jeep Safari). There were plenty of vendors and things to see and buy, here are a few pictures of interesting rigs:

Chuck checking out a Jeep prototype truck at EJS
I think we saw a TV show where this was constructed. Very interesting in person
The EVO Jeep Gladiator
This one was too tall to get into!

At the end of Friday is a huge Raffle. We walked the half mile from our campsite to the Raffle, expecting to maybe win a T-shirt if we were lucky, but instead we won FIVE huge tires! (Weighing 50+ lbs a piece). We panicked a bit, because we didn’t know how we would get them back to our campsite, and for sure we had no way to get them home. Luckily someone offered us some cash – that was much easier to carry!

At the raffle, we actually won FIVE huge 35 inch tires!

20 April. On Saturday, all the people go down town and everyone departs for their rides at the same time. (They call it BIG SATURDAY) Sort of like a parade – but everyone starts from a different street and criss-cross and head out to the trails – so more like a water ballet…the whole town is full of Jeeps for about 5 minutes!

Big Saturday Trail day!

We joined our last group and headed out to Fins and Things. It’s in the same area as, and is very similar to, Hell’s Revenge, except it’s a lot closer to the ground. Climbs are steep, but short. It’s rated a 4. https://youtu.be/lKFPrwuOMps

Another view of that same play area:https://www.facebook.com/karen.ulen.5/posts/1170735536438976

Heading out to Fins and Things
Fins and Things Trail
Fins and Things Trail

We had a great time on the Easter Jeep Safari, learned some stuff, met some new friends, got a bit sunburnt. We will be back another year!

New friends, Bucky and Lisa from Texas

21 April. On the way home, we had a flock of mountain sheep visit our campsite.

This guy and his family came to our campsite on our way home
Some of the rest of the flock.

18-20 April 2019. Easter Jeep Safari