Car Tech Advancements To Look Forward To In 2020

Market analysts believe that 2020 will be another stable year for the US car sales industry. Based on the recent forecast, many factors like cost-effective interest rates and low unemployment rates help avoid a possible steep decline in the country’s auto sales since 2016. The sales tactics of car dealers also help in achieving a secure market. With the latest advancements in-car technology and new trends in second-hand car sales, the new year looks good for the American auto industry. Here are some of the newest vehicle developments and used car trends you can expect in the coming days.

Mainstream Cars Remains In Trend

The demand for used cars made by mass-market car manufacturers will continue in 2020. Analysts believe that mainstream passenger cars will remain the most in-demand vehicles among used car dealerships. In 2019 alone, most small and midsize vehicles displayed the biggest price appreciation in the second-hand vehicle market. Yet the high demand for pickups and SUVs also helped in withholding its market prices. With the help of credible car reviews based on feedback from vehicle owners, the sales of used cars will remain strong this year.

State Of The Art In-Car Entertainment

More car makers are introducing groundbreaking in-car entertainment for their products this year. In early January 2020, Chinese electric car manufacturer Byton announced that they tapped several industry giants to come up with a brand-new entertainment system for their cars. They included international media giant ViacomCBS to provide video content that car owners can view on their 48-inch wraparound digital dashboard, which will be installed in the brand’s forthcoming electric M-Byte SUV. Honda is also expected to showcase the future of its mobility technology during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas.

Never Ending Connectivity

In this day and age, customers demand to have a ceaseless connectivity experience. Aside from getting a strong Internet connection at home, in their offices, or through their mobile phones, people also want to stay connected while onboard their vehicles. This will help the drivers remain connected to their favorite music. It will also connect them with other people through their social media accounts. This feature can also allow them to get the latest traffic updates while on the road. Meanwhile, passengers can continue playing their preferred online games or finish their homework or office tasks while inside a car equipped with WiFi.

Aside from these new developments in new and used car technologies, other vehicle industry advancements may unfold in the coming days. These are all meant to provide better customer experience for both drivers and passengers alike. Car manufacturers will continue to come up with new technology advancements for the benefit of their customers in 2020 and beyond.

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Car Tech Advancements To Look Forward To In 2020