Catching Up with Green DoubleAught and Dynamoob!

Sometimes I get overwhelmed because I want to do things right. I’ve been meaning to get this post up for months and months but kept putting it off because I wanted to change Green DoubleAught’s Before/After gallery to contain larger-sized images whenever possible (since we now have the fullscreen option to view galleries), and that meant rebuilding the whole thing. I’ve finally done it, resized the older images that could be made larger and added nine new ones, and so this beautiful art can now be shared with you!

For those who don’t remember or never knew, Green DoubleAught cooked up this idea back in 2012. He offered on the TGC Forum to do a portrait of folks who sent him a pic… a portrait as the other gender! Drawings that show the subject both before and after the transformation.

These sketches have wonderful line work and it’s always fun to see how Green DoubleAught chooses to change the subject in terms of body, clothes and setting. The latest thread on the Forum is here, and hopefully, the fact that I’m FINALLY posting these drawings will inspire Green00 to do more sketches in the coming months.

Great stuff, and remember to view the images (both old and new) in fullscreen if it works for you so you can see the details of Green DoubleAught’s confident linework. And please take the time to leave a comment to thank Green00 for all his hard work if you like what you see!

We’re also catching today with Dynamoob, an artist who creates striking visuals with striking women! Dynamoob doesn’t do a lot of TG-focused content, but when he does…

Today we’re posting Dynamoob’s Sequences, a gallery that will showcase his one-page transformations of men transforming into women. As I keep harping on, be sure to view this in fullscreen if that works for you. We’re posting two terrific pages today, and hopefully we’ll be adding more images to the gallery soon.

We’re also adding a four-page sequence called Bully 2 Cheerleader. It’s a simple-enough transformation of the “poof” variety (complete with a magic wand). It’s a turn-the-tables scenario that is well-loved in our little community, IMHO.

So, that’s it. Hopefully we’ll see more work from both of these talented artists soon. And thanks to both Green DoubleAught and Dynamoob for being incredibly patient with this process!


Catching Up with Green DoubleAught and Dynamoob!