16 Signs You’re Having a True Spiritual Awakening

There are so many interpretations swirling around out there about what a spiritual awakening is and honestly, most of them don’t feel so good.

In today’s blog post I’m going to share my take on what a spiritual awakening, how to know when you’re having one and how to “achieve” it (spoiler: you don’t need to have a near-death experience or meditate on a mountain for a year).

16 signs you're having a true spiritual awakening

What does it mean to have a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening, quite simply, is when you have strong desire and come into alignment with that desire–with your own Being, with the Universe, with your Soul.

With this definition, you will have many spiritual awakenings in your life (hopefully!).

Most articles seem to insinuate that a spiritual awakening is this once-in-a-lifetime thing where the soul transforms, but you and your soul are always doing that. That’s spiritual evolution. You can’t not do that, even if you tried.

What makes it sometimes feel like an “official” spiritual awakening is that a person will go through something painful that gives them strong desire for the opposite, and as they come into alignment with that desire, their perspective dramatically shifts and they feel as if they have awoken to a new reality.

Spiritual awakening is an always, on-going process of realizing more, desiring more, understanding more.

It’s uncovering the truth of who and what you are underneath the cultural conditioning you’ve been given for most of your life.

Does spiritual awakening have to be painful?

painful spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening does not have to be painful.

The main reason why painful events can trigger what many call a “spiritual awakening” is because a person is forced to let go of control. In this state, they realize the magnitude of life, love and everything that they are.

I am a long-time student of Abraham Hicks, and what I’ve learned from them is that we are here for the joy and expansion of it all.

Abraham talks about the 5-Step Process that we continually go through. It’s as follows:

  1. Experience contrast
  2. Source answers
  3. Align with your desire
  4. Maintain alignment
  5. Appreciate the contrast

Contrast would include the experiences we consider painful, but it also includes anything that we experience as negative. Most people stay in their Step 1 moments instead of moving forward to Step 3 (because Step 2 is Source’s job).

I have had two bigger-feeling spiritual awakening experiences in the last 8 years. Both came from contrast, as everything does, but I handled each one differently.

With the first one, I moved onto Step 3 fairly quickly and so the spiritual awakening did not seem to be born of pain. It was definitely catapulted by contrast, but I didn’t dwell there long.

My second one, which was ignited by my health anxiety, I stayed in my Step 1 moment for months. I was so focused and terrorized in that reality that it was hard to pull myself away from the ledge. This is what many identify as a spiritual awakening because deeper pain and more perceived darkness was involved.

Yet out of both experiences, I felt a deeper understanding and connection with my inner being that felt euphoric, life-changing and filled me with so much inner peace.

This is why I do not believe that spiritual awakening needs to be born from a dark period.

The only reason why one period feels darker than another is because you stay disconnected from your inner being longer.

All contrast is the same.

16 signs of spiritual awakening

16 signs of spiritual awakening

No matter how you come into alignment with your inner being–either after a long battle of resistance or with faith and trust after some contrast–you will experience many beautiful realizations and new perceptions as a result.

Here are 16 common signs or symptoms of a spiritual awakening:

  1. Strong desire for a shift in reality
  2. Closing the gap from a sense of separation to being one with All That Is
  3. A spiritual awareness of reality beyond the physical senses
  4. Deep sense of inner peace, joy and relief
  5. A trust and surrender to the flow of life
  6. An awareness of your eternal nature
  7. Becoming aware of one’s own power in the creation of reality
  8. Connecting more within instead of outside yourself
  9. Forgiving and loving the self and others
  10. Realizing there is no wrong or right way
  11. Surrendering to the “Great Mystery”
  12. Releasing what no longer serves you
  13. Seeing yourself and others in a new light, with love and compassion
  14. “Miracles” occurring; abundance flooding in, the body healing, relationships improving
  15. Beautiful synchronicities throughout your days
  16. Strong feelings of appreciation and love for your life

Why did I have a spiritual awakening?

You had a spiritual awakening because you came into alignment with your inner being. If your spiritual awakening does not result in feeling good, then it’s not a spiritual awakening.

If it feels bad, you are still in the Step 1 moment that leads to spiritual awakening. Step 1 moments happen all the time, no matter how enlightened you become, because otherwise no strong desires would ever be born from you (the whole point of focusing here into this life you’re living).

So everyone has Step 1 moments and yes, some feel harder than other ones. But when you came into alignment and experienced a spiritual awakening, that happened because it’s the most natural thing in the world.

You are meant to be in alignment with Source, and when you aren’t, it doesn’t feel good.

Also, you may oscillate between feelings of peace and back again to fear. This only means you’re still giving your attention to things that aren’t true. The more you consistently face the light, the more at peace you will feel.

How to achieve spiritual awakening

The feelings and experiences that come from a spiritual awakening are always available to you, and are easier achieved when you have a better understanding of how it works.

Below is a method of living that becomes a habit when you continue practicing it. It doesn’t stop Step 1 moments from happening (contrast) but as mentioned earlier, Step 1 moments are necessary and make coming into alignment all the more joyful and euphoric (sort of like like the cosmic version of an orgasm)!

In addition, when you’re in one of those harder Step 1 moments that’s taking everything you’ve got to turn your attention from the dark to the light, this way of understanding reality below will help to carry you through so much easier.

1. Acknowledge your desire

spiritual awakening desire

What is your desire in this moment? If your back is up against the wall (loss of income, symptoms of dis-ease, deterioration of a relationship, etcetera) recognize what the opposite of that is that you want.

You may desire abundance, well-being or a loving relationship as the opposite of what you’re experiencing right now. Maybe your desire is to surrender everything up to the universe and feel inner peace.

Acknowledge this desire. Feel into it. Let yourself feel good just by the thought of it. Trust that this image combined with the feeling is underway for you.

2. Recognize the nature of reality

Abraham says that when you desire something, your inner being expands and becomes it.

This means that the larger part of you is that thing you are desiring. Your inner being already is abundant, healthy and in love with everything and everyone.

Whenever my health anxiety creeps back in, I tell myself something like “My inner being is healthy and vibrant, which means the physical part of me will catch up soon so I no longer have to worry about this.”

When my husband lost his income, I told him and myself every day “Something bigger and better is being lined up for us, this happened for our betterment.”

Recognizing the nature of reality means to acknowledge that everything is first energy before it is matter. Matter is the past; it’s already been created. If you’re focused on what you see with your physical senses, you are dwelling in the past.

The new is created with thought and feeling.

You could think your old place of employment is the only way money can flow to you, but then you’d be wrong.

You could think a dis-ease is incurable, but then you’d be wrong.

You could think a relationship with someone can’t be brought up to a higher vibration, but then you’d be wrong!

Anything is possible. This is the nature of reality that spiritually awake souls come to realize. Open your heart and trust.

Whatever it is you’re going through, let go. Remind yourself in every moment that you already are that desire, and it’s only a matter of time before it shows up in your physical reality. It is born in thought first, physical reality second.

3. Come into alignment with your desire

spiritual awakening light

In order for the energy to turn to matter, your only job is to stay in the same frequency as your desire.

We stay in the frequency of what we want by believing it’s on the way and not concerning ourselves over it. By noticing all the beautiful things going right in your life. By having high vibe conversations and reading high vibe books.

Good things can not easily come to a person who has their back turned because they’re focusing on all the bad stuff that’s in the other direction.


Face the light. It is safe to feel its existence. We might not be able to comprehend it all, but we know there’s something bigger there, always proving that if we believe, trust and let go…it will never let us fall.

4. Stay in the flow

alignment spiritual reality

To stay in the flow you need to get intentional with your focus. There’s a lot of societal peer pressure to focus on the negative, to take on a victim mentality and to fill your mind with depressing things instead of filling it with hope, excitement and love.

Staying in the flow looks like:

  • Appreciating more than you complain
  • Staying in the present moment (not the past or the future, but right here)
  • Meditating to calm the mind
  • Being mindful of what and who you allow into your energy field
  • Taking full responsibility for your life (you are a God-being walking around on this earth–realize it!)
  • Cultivating self-love and compassion
  • Doing daily processes to help clear out stuck energy (I love journaling and tapping for this)
  • Creating a morning or evening self-care routine
  • Seeing yourself as your inner being does (abundant, well and thriving)
  • Remembering how powerful you are on a frequent basis
  • Spending time alone intentionally
  • Finding ways to relieve fear and doubt (tapping, listening to Abraham or other spiritual teachers who spread a message of love and empowerment)

You essentially stay in the flow by treating each day as a new adventure.

Be like a child who spends their day looking for things to enjoy and appreciate. Acknowledge your upsets when you’re experiencing them so you can let it go. Realize that nothing anyone thinks or feels about you is really about you at all–and it’s not your responsibility either to help them think or feel otherwise.

Live in the present moment. See yourself with loving, compassionate eyes. Understand that you’re so much more than this one earthly experience. You are God, Source, the Universe.

Stay in this lane and you will experience spiritual awakening after spiritual awakening. And when you veer off, never condemn but only love yourself back into alignment.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this article and found something to take away with you.

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16 Signs You’re Having a True Spiritual Awakening