Mother-Son Activity Calendar: 12 Months of Special Outings with Your Boy

The stereotype is true: Young boys really do love their mommas. They come to us when they’re hurt. They give the best bear hugs. They get insanely excited to show us their new Hot Wheels, plastic dinosaur or even just a cool rock. If you’re like most “boy moms,” you wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

As they grow older, it’s important to continue nurturing this special bond by carving out one-on-one time to spend with your boy. Whether he’s still a toddler or becoming a handsome tween right before your eyes, these mother-son activities will help you grow closer than ever.

1.     January – Go Ice Skating
The holidays may be officially over, but January’s brutally cold weather is perfect for outdoor ice rinks. Why not take your son to your nearby skating rink and sneak in one last skating session before the rink closes for good?

Learning to find your balance on the ice can be tricky, so make sure you both utilize a stabilizing bucket until you get the hang of it. Even with the bucket, you’ll probably end up with a bruised bum at the end of the day. But hey, that’s what love is all about.

2.     February – Play Games at the Arcade
C’mon, is there any boy on the planet who wouldn’t be absolutely thrilled to go to the arcade? We can’t think of a single one. Your son will love playing the latest and greatest games while racking up tickets to exchange for a prize later. Get in on the action with multiplayer games that make you a true mother-son team or challenge him to a heated game of air hockey.

3.     March – Visit a Museum
If March’s finicky weather is derailing your plans, consider taking your little one to a children’s museum. Sure, the museum’s interactive exhibits unleash your inner germaphobe like no other (that’s what hand sanitizer is for 😉) and you might be a little unnerved at the sudden interest your son has taken in ancient Mayan sacrifice rituals, but it’s all part of the fun. When the rain finally stops, you can zip down to the ice cream parlor across the street and finish the day on a sweet note.

4.     April – Take a Family Fitness Class
Are April showers keeping you and your son stuck indoors? Sign up for a family fitness class to get out some of that pent-up energy (both yours and his). Since the fitness classes are geared towards families, you don’t need to worry (errrr, as much) about your little one irritating everyone with his crazy antics.

Not sure which family fitness class is right for you and your son? Try a yoga class. In addition to offering a vast number of physical benefits, yoga can provide a slew of mental health benefits for kids, such as better academic performance and higher self-esteem.

5.     May – Go Golfing
PSA: Dads don’t have a monopoly on golfing with their sons. If you want to hit the links with your son, then do it! Golfing is an underrated mother-son activity that can help grow your special bond while building his lifelong love for the game.

To make him feel like a pro, be sure to pick him up some boys’ golf clothesmade with UPF protection and quick-drying fabrics. Not only will he stay cool and comfortable on the green, the quick-drying fabrics will help keep the pre-teen stink under control.

6.      June – Pack a Picnic and Go Fishing
Is your son addicted to video games and electronics? Take a break from the screens by going on a picnic and a fishing trip. You can make sandwiches beforehand, buy his all-time favorite chips (Cool Ranch Doritos, obviously), grab some drinks and throw it all in the Yeti cooler for your outdoor adventure. Just remember to keep it fun and safe by choosing an easily accessible area that isn’t too far from civilization.

7.      July – Hit the Water
For most of the country, July is hot, hot, HOT. While the high heat can be miserable at times, it’s also the perfect excuse to grab your boy’s swim trunks, get his favorite beach toys and have a blast out on the water.

If you’re lucky enough to live by a beach, spending the day making sandcastles together is always a fun time. Is your son a little old for such kid-like activities? Take him kayaking, boating or deep-sea fishing for a fun experience he’ll never forget. 

8.     August – Take a Mini-Vacay
Don’t look now, but summer vacation is slowly coming to an end. Now is a great time to sneak in a mini-vacay with your son before school starts up again. It doesn’t need to be a long trip—a quick day trip or a weekend getaway will be perfect. That’s just enough time to explore new ground and make fond memories together.

Worried about your other child getting jealous of their sibling? Just be sure to plan a special one-on-one trip with them later. That way, you can nurture your special bond with both of your kids.

9.     September – Check Out the Farmers Market
Who doesn’t love a good farmers market? There’s fresh produce, beautiful blooms, happy people and, of course, the chance to support your local growers. Oh, and did we mention the delicious samples? Drool.

You can easily turn a trip to the farmers market into a special outing with your boy. Just have him help you find food items for a home cooked meal to make together later that evening. Not only will it make him feel more involved in the meal prep, he’ll have a great time looking through each tent to find exactly what you need.

10.      October – Visit a Pumpkin Patch
Fact: You’re never too old to visit a pumpkin patch. There’s the thrill of trying to find the best pumpkin, the fun hayrides and, of course, the tasty cup of apple cider (and a delicious apple cider donut, mmm…) that always makes the trip worth it–rain or shine. There’s also the corn maze, which can either be an absolute blast or cause you to go into full panic-mode when your son suddenly has to pee and you have no idea how to get out of the stupid thing. Ah, good times.

11.      November – Volunteer
’Tis the season for giving back! Teach your son the importance of giving back to his community by volunteering together. If he’s old enough, consider having him help you serve meals at a soup kitchen or your local Meals on Wheels program. Other ways you and your son can give back together include running a charity race together (excellent for working off that eggnog, BTW), donating items to your local food bank and helping out your local veterans’ community.

12.      December – Drive Around to See Christmas Lights

If your son is little, he’ll LOVE going on a car ride to see the dazzling array of Christmas lights that light up the city. Ask your neighbors for recommendations on which neighborhoods are best for holiday light viewing. Once you have your route planned, take your son out for a drive with Michael Buble’s White Christmas on blast (the best holiday album there is, hands down). He’ll love the spectacular lights in different colors, and you’ll love the quality time you get to spend with him.

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Mother-Son Activity Calendar: 12 Months of Special Outings with Your Boy