20 Best Black Friday Jewelry Deals To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

If you’ve been plotting on some new jewelry pieces just waiting for the right time to pounce, now’s your chance. This Black Friday season, capitalize on all the deals and put your savvy to the test. It’s time to hunt for that anniversary gift and engagement ring with the best Black Friday jewelry deals. 

How to Shop Smart for Black Friday Jewelry Deals 

When you’re shopping for a special jewelry piece there are a couple of things to keep in mind throughout your search. First, make sure you know what you’re looking for. Yes, we know this sounds pretty self-explanatory, but in reality, there are a lot of things people overlook when jewelry hunting. 

Make sure you’ve got a clear idea of what kind of precious metals you want - gold, silver, platinum - and if you’re shopping for a gift, be sure to ask about any allergies to these materials. Also, figuring out what kind of piece you’re searching for will help narrow down your search exponentially. 

Second, know what size will fit you, or whoever you’re shopping for. When purchasing a necklace, the standard length falls at 18 inches. For bracelets, the standard length varies for men and women. For women, a bracelet will usually be around seven inches in length, while a man will most likely be around eight. 

Understanding exactly what it is you’re in the market for will help expedite your search and prevent you from having to wade through thousands of product offerings that might not be for you. 

The Best Black Friday Necklace Deals

1) An Elegant Take on the Statement Necklace: Roxanne Necklace

Tory Burch shining necklace

At 40 inches in length, this might not be an everyday necklace, but it sure does make a statement. Tory Burch’s Roxanna necklace is the perfect piece to layer on for a night out or rock by itself for an elegant outfit elevator. Complete with a gold-tone plated rope chain, interspersed with the recognizable Tory Burch logo and green gems, this will quickly become a wardrobe favorite. 

Price: $328.00

2) Best Necklace for the Pearl Lover: Luna' Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace for best black friday jewelry deals

Newsflash, pearls aren’t just for your grandma anymore. Propelled back into popularity by rappers and fashion icons everywhere, the pearl necklace has gotten a remodel with this modern 10-inch choker chain. Perfect for layering and everyday use, this freshwater pearl choker adds a touch of class and sass to any outfit. 

Price: $450.00

3) Best Personalized High-End Necklace: Cable Collectibles Initial Pendant with Diamonds 

Initial Necklace

This personalized initial pendant necklace is the perfect everyday accessory to complete any outfit. A slightly less conspicuous take on the classic name bar necklace, this initial necklace from David Yurman is an elevated way to show your personal pride. A diamond initial encircled in 18k yellow gold screams “I love myself”. Treat yourself, you deserve it. 

Price: $750.00

4) Most Dainty Cubic Zirconia Necklace: Sparkling Pavé Collier Bars Necklace

Sparkling pave necklace for best black friday jewelry deals

This elegant but unassuming collier bar necklace is a perfect piece for stunning everyday use. Hand-finished in sterling silver, this piece features a mix of pavé and polished stones joined with larger cubic zirconia stones. It’s a modern take on the classic tennis necklace and is sure to make any wearer shine. 

Price: $185.00

5) The Best Necklace Set for Your Star: Sparkling Asymmetric Star Jewelry Gift Set

Star Jewelry Set Best black friday jewelry deals

This necklace and earring set from Pandora is the perfect way to tell the star in your life that you love them. The brilliant star necklace is offset by asymmetrical star earrings with cubic zirconia gems all in a sterling silver setting. It’s a gorgeous pairing and a beautiful ode to the stars.

Price: $140.00 $99.00

The Best Black Friday Bracelet Deals

1) Best Designer Bracelet to Show Off: Interlocking-G Bracelet

Interlocking Gucci bracelet

This Black Friday, take advantage of the sales with this beautiful designer bracelet. Featuring a sterling silver bauble chain centered by Gucci’s signature interlocking G symbol, no one will be able to miss this stunning fashion piece on your wrist. 

Price: $350.00

2) Most Beautiful Black Friday Jewelry Stone and Metal Bracelet: Blue Caviar Ceramic Rope Bracelet

Stone and metal bracelet

Have you ever seen a bracelet that embodies the ocean? This Lagos blue caviar ceramic rope bracelet does just that as it pairs shining sterling silver with cool blue ceramic beads. 21 beads separate circular sterling rope pieces to create an intricate bracelet that evokes strength and class. It’s the perfect gift for a special someone this holiday season. 

Price: $595.00–$625.00

3) Best Affordable Tennis Bracelet: Sparkling Pavé Tennis Bracelet

Pave tennis bracelet for best black friday jewelry deals

You don’t have to break the bank to sport a beautiful tennis bracelet, thanks to Pandora. This sparkling pave tennis bracelet features over 40 royal green man-made crystals all alternating in size. Hand-finished in a 14k rose-gold plated metal blend, this bracelet delivers a modern take on a jewelry classic. 

Price: $150.00

4) Most Elegant Everyday Bracelet: Pandora ME Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet

Pearl and sterling silver bracelet

Silver and pearls might be the best mix of metals and gems the jewelry world has ever seen. This take on the classic pearl bracelet has been upgraded thanks to its popular sterling silver link. This particular bracelet features fully customizable links, for even more personality and style. It’s a noteworthy addition to anyone's jewelry collection, and will quickly become a personal staple.

Price: $185.00

5) Best Black Friday Jewelry Charm Bracelet for the Holiday Season: Christmas Tree Angel T-Bar Charm Bracelet Set

Christmas charm bracelet for black friday jewelry deals

Looking for a great gift for the holidays that will wow while staying on brand? This Christmas-themed charm bracelet from Pandora might be what you had in mind. Featuring the brand’s signature snake chain bracelet in plated rose-gold, two shining Christmas charms dangle daintily for an added holiday flair. It’s the perfect gift to make the holidays last long after they’ve passed. 

Price: $310.00

The Best Black Friday Ring Deals

1) Best Sterling Silver Designer Ring: Trademark Heart Ring

Official Gucci stamp ring

This sterling silver heart ring from Gucci is the perfect way to let your love shine bright. A simple but thick band encircles your finger as an elevated heart-shaped stamp engraved with the fashion house’s iconic name sits atop the band. If you’re in the market for a ring to take your jewelry collection to the next level, this is it. 

Price: $220.00

2) Most Delicate Diamond Ring: Varda Diamond Baguette Ring

Tiny Baguette diamond ring

This is a great choice for someone looking for a subtle high-end piece. This baguette ring features a slim and simple design with one centerpiece - a .06ct.diamond. The 18k gold band is delicate and perfect for stacking or shining on its own. 

Price: $525.00 $315.00

3) Most Elegant Diamond Stacking Ring: Solstice Diamond Stacking Ring

Delicate multi-diamond ring for best black friday jewelry deals

This ring is for those that want to make a quiet statement of class and elegance. This band is crafted from 18k yellow gold and prong-set with seven glittering diamonds. The gaps between diamonds allow for the perfect stacking of any ring. Let this solstice diamond ring add delicate shine to your ring collection. 

Price: $695.00

4) Best Showstopper Ring: Chatelaine® Ring with Semiprecious Stone and Diamonds

Sterling silver band with Semiprecious stone

Forget the delicate rings and the subtle shine and steal the show with this semiprecious stone and diamond ring. In a sterling silver pave ring setting, this stunner holds a blue topaz gemstone surrounded by four small diamonds. It’s a surefire way to draw attention in any crowd.

Price: $450.00–$550.00

5) Easiest Stackable Sparkling Ring: Sparkling Row Eternity Ring

Eternity diamond band

This sparkling eternity ring from Pandora is the perfect addition to any ring collection. Cubic Zirconia is set in shining sterling silver or a unique rose gold-plated metal blend for a modern take on this stackable classic. Wear it by itself, or surrounded with delicate rings of the same metal for a complementary look that’ll be sure to wow. 

Price: $115.00

The Best Black Friday Earring Deals

1) Most Elegant Drop Earrings: Sterling Silver Caviar Teardrop Earrings

Drop-sterling silver earrings

Looking for a set of elegant earrings that will compliment any outfit for a night on the town? These sterling silver caviar teardrop earrings will do just the trick. With a beautiful beaded texture made up of alternating-sized silver balls, these earrings pick up the light beautifully and frame the wearer's face so effortlessly. These earrings are where elegance and timeless style meet. 

Price: $195.00

2) Best Everyday Earrings: Upside Down Small Hoop Earrings

Simple gold small hoop earrings

These earrings might just be the best everyday accessories to elevate any outfit. Their simple and modern shape constructed from rose-gold, yellow-gold, or white gold, frames a subtle edge of minimalism around the wearer's face. They are the perfect addition to an ear with multiple piercings or worn as a stand-alone style. 

Price: $295.00

3) Best Classic Stud Earrings: Small Pearl Earrings with Diamonds

Small pearl earrings with diamonds

When you were little, did you ever dream of catching a star? These beautiful pearl studs surrounded by four mini diamonds look just like small stars embedded in your earlobes. Give yourself over to these round and bleached freshwater pearls encircled in pave diamonds and pat yourself on the back for having such exquisite taste. 

Price: $375.00

4) Most Stylish Pair of Earrings: Darcey Freshwater Pearl Mismatched Drop Earrings

Chloe gold pearl drop earrings

It’s time to make a statement, and what better way than with these mismatched drop earrings from Chloe? Not only do these earrings compliment your style, but they single-handedly create a new style of their own. Large gold plated C’s fit to the ears while two large baroque pearls dangle dramatically from a gold bar. Bring your new sense of style to the forefront with this gorgeous pair of contemporary earrings. 

Price: $470.00

5) Perfect Set of Tiny Earring: Double Band Pavé Hoop Earrings

Double band pave hoops for best black friday jewelry deals

These earrings are perfect for everyday use as they hug the earlobe for the perfect hint of style. With a double pave band two rows of cubic zirconia in alternating sizes sit side by side and shine in the light. Set in sterling silver, these timeless hoops offer a contemporary twist on a timeless classic. 

Price: $95.00

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20 Best Black Friday Jewelry Deals To Upgrade Your Wardrobe