20 Best Pool Toys For Summer

Looking to amp up your fun while at the pool? Look no further, because I’ve compiled a list of the best water toys that will be a hit during your next pool day!

  1. Waterproof RC Stunt Car

How cool is a waterproof car? And it’s ready to do some impressive tricks poolside! Kids will love to spin the wheels in the water.

Waterproof RC stunt car

  1. Poolside Basketball Hoop

This splashproof poolside basketball hoop is going to be a slam dunk with everyone this year.

Poolside Basketball Hoop

  1. Swim Through Water Rings

Add a challenge to the pool for older kids with this swim through ring set! You can suspend the rings in the water to create a new element of fun.

Swim through pool rings
  1. Ring Toss Game

Ring toss is fun on land, but in the water? Talk about a splish splashing good time for kids of all ages.

Floating Ring Toss Game
  1. Floating Chairs

Sometimes a cool seat is all you need for some fun in the sun. These comfy floating chairs really elevate things!

Floating chairs
  1. Water Wheel Float

This is basically a hamster wheel, for humans, in the pool. That sounds like a great time for all who try to run in it!

water wheel
  1. Color Changing Volleyball

This set is awesome for night time swims because it is color changing and really adds a great touch to the pool in the evenings!

Color changing pool volleyball
  1. Princess Pool Float with Water Gun

This pool float is nothing like what you would expect! It has a water gun attached for some epic water battles!

Princess pool float with water gun
  1. Pool Tank with Water Gun

This is such a fun option for the pool! If you ever wanted to have a tank fight with a friend, now is your chance to do it on the water!

pool tank with water gun
  1. Watermelon Ball

Watermelon ball is perfect for diving games in the pool, or use it to play underwater catch if you feel up to it!

watermelon ball
  1. Shark Bag Toss

Toss a floating bag into the mouth of this inflatable shark, if you dare!

shark bag toss
  1. Water Lacrosse

This game is great for anyone who loves a game of catch. It adds a challenging and fun element to such a simple passtime.

water lacrosse
  1. Crossnet H20

Four square meets volleyball and water with this really fun way to get your game on in the pool!

crossnet h2o
  1. 2 Pack Unicorn and Flamingo Floats

This 2 pack of 42” inflatable floats is adorable and awesome for adults! They will appreciate the larger size for a fun floating experience.

unicorn and flamingo floats
  1. Mermaid Tail and Fin

This kit has a tail and fin so you can swim like a real mermaid! This is perfect for teens!

mermaid tail and fin
  1. Floaty Pool Pong

Pong meets pool with this floating game. It is fun and challenging as it is always moving!

floaty pool pong
  1. Water Gun with Back Tank

This water gun has a supply of water to go with it for epic water fights all summer long!

water gun with back tank
  1. Reusable High Bounce Water Balls

These high bounce water balls are even better than water balloons because they are waste free for lots of fun water fights!

reusable high bounce water balls
  1. Dive Gems

These dive gems are great to toss in, and race a friend to retrieve.

dive gems
  1. Water Blasters

With 6 blasters, there are enough to go around so everyone can have a little splish, splashing fun in the pool this year!

water blasters

Be sure to check out my list of fun outdoor summer games for the days your not at the pool!

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20 Best Pool Toys For Summer