20 Cool And Awesome Photos

“I got cash from the bank, and all the bills were in the same sequence”

“The foliage sprouting from this water fountain’s spillage”

“This big @$$ toilet at the hospital, normal size urinal for scale.”

“This mug that informs you it was NOT made in China”

“I found the geographic center of the United States.”

“My church does a grape instead of juice/wine for communion.”

“The door handles at my office are a pair of boobies”

“A few days a year, the sun shines through our door at the perfect angle to project this pattern on the wall.”

“Some food takeout place in china delivers food in clay pots.”

“McDonald’s burger preserved in resin since the late 70s”

“This “pilot’s glory” seen out my window on a flight to Germany this morning.”

“My dog is growing an extra toe in between her toes. She’s 5 and it started showing 3 weeks ago.”

“This person riding a cow though the McDonald’s drive thru.”

“This jar of sweets is made of glass and has markings on it so it can be reused as a measuring cup.”

“A pair of watch movement cuff links I made.”

“Every morning without fail Barry the Big Bumble Bee flies into my window and needs help getting out.”

“Very weird webbing in my cats eye (vet has checked it, nothing harmful)”

“Recycled paper can be used to insulate houses.”

“This vendor at the beach uses tank tracks at his stall.”

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20 Cool And Awesome Photos