20-Minute Lower Body HIIT Dumbbell Workout

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I have been teaching group fitness classes like strength and HIIT for 12 years, and yoga for 9. I love teaching group fitness and yoga equally but there nothing like the energy of a group fitness class to light me up! I do the workout with my fitness classes and I am always a crazy sweaty mess at the end. I figure that if I feel like jello at the end of the workout that I did a sufficient job in challenging my students too! (Note: I do not practice with my students when I teach yoga.) 

I really wish that I could bring you guys along for class and have you workout and practice with me but at least I get to share workouts and yoga flows inspired by my classes here on my blog. I’m sharing a lower body dumbbell HIIT workout in this post that will have your glutes activated and legs burning! One of my students texted me a gif of a baby giraffe trying to walk last week with the note, “this was me walking to my car.” So that’s what you have to look forward to in the workout below! 🙂

I spend a lot of time sweating between the seven weekly classes that I teach (two strength and five hot yoga) and my own workouts. I need workout gear that can keep me comfortable and dry through long, sweaty and active days. For example, on Thursday mornings I teach hot yoga and strength back-to-back and then go straight to the gym to train a client.

I can always trust lululemon for this job with the recent launch of their new Wunder Train and Invigorate styles in the Everlux fabric, it’s better than ever. Everlux is a fast-drying fabric that manages heat and sweat so that I can stay focused on my classes and comfortable in my clothes as I transition from class to client to workout or whatever my day might look like!

Here are some highlights of lululemon’s Everlux fabric:

  • Wicking technology that pulls sweat away from your skin and disperses it in all directions so it can evaporate
  • Quick-drying fibers that make sure you never have that feeling that your workout pants are soaked
  • Double-knit structure that feels cool and sleek on the inside and buttery soft on the outside
  • Lightweight fabric but high coverage with no opacity
  • Breathability in low-airflow, high-humidity and high-heat environments

Seven days a week (I’m honestly not exaggerating) you can find me in lululemon’s Wunder Under or Align crops and pants. I was excited to find that lululemon is offering a version of Wunder Unders called Wunder Under Train that features the Everlux fabric.

For this post I decided to spread my wings and add the Invigorate style to my collection…and I’m so glad that I did! I could not ask for a more functional AND comfortable crop for teaching strength/HIIT classes. They are also awesome for running because they seriously stay put.

Note, I am wearing the Invigorate High-Rise Crop 23″ in a size four in all photos above but they fit a little longer on me than the model. I am 5′ 4″ but and I have short legs! Just giving you that info for fit. If you’re have similar proportions to me and an Everlux pant that is a bit shorter, try the Wunder Train High-Rise Crop 21″. I tried them on in the store and they are great. I would have gotten them but really wanted to try something different.

Quick note on the other pieces that I am wearing in these photos. The bra is the Energy Bra and I’m obsessed with the pattern. I bought the Hottie Hot Shorts in the same pattern because I like it so much! The tank is the Swiftly Tech Racerback and I have it in several colors. It’s lightweight, breathable, soft and comfortable.

Okay, friends! It’s time for that Lower Body Blast Dumbbell Workout!


lower body workout

This is a 20-minute workout featuring six lower body movements that I taught in my strength classes last week. I always love a good lower body HIIT workout and I think you guys will enjoy this one too!

You’ll do each of the six movements for 60 seconds and move to the next. At the end of the round, you’ll rest for one minute and then repeat all six movements for 60 seconds each. Rest one more minute and then do your final round of the movements. This workout crams a lot into 20 minutes. You’ll squat, lunge, deadlift and bridge to target the glutes and legs all while getting in some killer cardio!

As always, let me know if you give it a try!


What’s your favorite lower body exercise? 

Do you prefer to workout in pants, crops or shorts? 

What workout makes you the sweatiest? 

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20-Minute Lower Body HIIT Dumbbell Workout