2020 Aussie Millions Main Event Features Erik Seidel at Final Table

Demonstrating that he still has the skills to play at an elite level, Poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel is at the final table of the 2020 Aussie Millions Main Event. Seidel isn’t just scraping in by the skin of his teeth, either. Seidel is currently in the middle of the pack, well stacked with around four million chips, while he looks to run down chip leader Nino Ullmann.

Ullmann Rides Lead to Final Table Chip Lead

It is no surprise that Ullmann is coming into the final table with the chip lead. He was the leader coming out of Day Three, stacked with 1,497,000 in chips, and he wouldn’t take his foot off the gas throughout the Day Four play. Ullmann would build a majority of that stack through back-to-back hands where he would river the card that gave him the pots.

In the first occurrence, Ullmann would open the betting while Bryce Yockey defended his big blind. A monochrome A♣ 7♣ 6♣ flop brought a check-call from Yockey and the duo would then see a K♦ on the turn. Yockey once again decided a check call, this time for 150,000 chips, was the proper move and an 8♦ hit the river to complete the board. For the third time, Yockey check-called a bet from Ullmann of 375,000 and the cards were turned up.

Yockey showed a turned two pair with his K♣ 7♠, but he had to be stunned by Ullmann’s holdings. Ullmann would turn up an A-8 off suit for a rivered better two pair, sending the pot to the German while Yockey’s slow play backfired. The million-chip pot sent Ullmann over 4.6 million chips and put Yockey on life support with 700K.

The same duo would clash again only a few hands later. Ullmann once again was the aggressor and Yockey once again defended his big blind. A Q-6-Q flop saw Yockey check-call a small 40K bet out of Ullmann as a ten came on the turn. Yockey didn’t seem to recognize the path he was heading down (again) as he check-called another bet from Ullmann. A Jack on the river opened up possible straight outs as both players cautiously checked their hands. Ullmann showed a J-8 for a rivered pair of Jacks (and Queens up), which topped Yockey’s A-3 and powered Ullmann into a commanding lead.

Seidel Ends Yockey’s Misery

While it was apparent that Ullmann had Yockey’s number, he didn’t get the chance to take him out. That honor went to his fellow countryman Seidel, who were knocking heads frequently after a table change. Pre-flop, Yockey defended his blind after a bet of 125,000 from Seidel and saw a flop of 10♦ 7♦ 4♦. Yockey bet out on the flop for 200,000, but Seidel didn’t go anywhere in making the call. Another seven came on the turn, prompting Yockey to put another bet of 200K in the middle of the felt. This time, however, Seidel turned it back on Yockey.

Putting out enough 100K chips to cover the remainder of Yockey’s stack, the eight-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner issued the challenge, which was accepted by Yockey as the cards were turned up. Yockey’s 7-6 had caught trips on the turn, but Seidel had the goods with K♦ Q♦ for the flopped flush. Needing the case seven or a six to top Seidel, Yockey instead saw a Queen to end his tournament in ninth place and put Seidel in excellent shape.

Once Oliver Weis took down Nick Pupillo in eighth place, the final table was set for the Aussie Millions Main Event:

1. Nino Ullmann (Germany), 5.5 million
2. Oliver Weis (Germany), 4.475 million
3. Vincent Wan (Australia), 4.15 million
4. Erik Seidel (United States), 4.05 million
5. Gareth Pepper (New Zealand), 2.465 million
6. Nicolas Malo (Canada), 1.975 million
7. Ngoc Tai Hoang (Vietnam), 1.875 million

Every player is guaranteed a six-figure payday, with the seventh place slot paying out $240,080 Australian (approximately $165,250 U. S.). The big reward is up top, with A$1.85 million (U. S. $1,273,381) awaiting the eventual champion along with the first major title of the 2020 calendar year. The final table will begin at 12:30 on Friday (approximately 8:30PM Eastern Time on Thursday in the U. S.).

Source: pokernewsdaily

2020 Aussie Millions Main Event Features Erik Seidel at Final Table