2020 Real Jewish Brides: Introducing Jos + Daniel: How They Met To The Present Day…

Today on the blog we’re introducing our 5th gorgeous bride from our crop of 2020 Real Jewish Brides! Please give a warm welcome to Jos, who will be marrying Daniel on 28th June 2020 at Hackney Town Hall, London, UK.

THREE FACTS: (1) Before meeting Daniel, Jos was known for her torrid dating tales – so much so that her friends used to call her Bridget Jonestein! (2) Daniel proposed to Jos in the Greek island of Naxos! (3) Jos is a member of Smashing The Glass’s Brides Club!

How you met to the present day

My friends used to call me Bridget Jonestein. I was always the single one at the wedding, the last (wo)man standing in my groups of friends. I would go on date after date with unsuitable men and eventually came to the conclusion that I was happy single.

I decided I was an independent career woman, but would still enjoy regaling my friends with my torrid dating tales. They were so good (or bad), that one of my best friends declared she would pay £9.99 a month just to read them and who was I to disappoint?

So, having decided I was happy being single, but with an expectant audience, I continued to lazily browse the dating apps until one day, I matched with Daniel on Tinder.

I’d love to tell you that it was love at first sight and we had an incredible first date, but neither of us would describe it as that. Our first date was in fact, awkward.

We went to an average pub in Hampstead, both sent our meals back and I spent much of the evening walking around the pub with my phone torch on, looking for an earring that I thought I’d lost (turned out I’d left it on my dressing table).

However, despite the awkwardness, Daniel made me laugh and after a few dates I decided I was really quite fond of him.

Daniel manages to couple an almost unending amount of patience with the ability to challenge me and push me out of my comfort zone, something this typical Virgo doesn’t do too often.

We love to travel together (although, I’ve upgraded his expectations of accommodation from hostels to boutique hotels), I’m usually a homebody, but he loves to explore, so we are always finding cool markets, new restaurants and he has even dragged me south of the river a few times.

Our first holiday was in Amsterdam and in 2 and half years we’ve been to 10 different countries together (I’m counting a detour through Bosnia on a trip to Croatia).

He is the kindest person I have ever met; he indulges my intense dedication to Love Island, he always appreciates my cooking, he loves dogs as much as I do and he is also a huge Eurovision Song Contest fan. So, whilst I was happy being single, I’m even happier to have met my match.

The proposal

Daniel proposed on the Greek Island of Naxos in June 2019. I *may* have expected it (read that as strongly hinted at it) but he managed to surprise me on the night.

There were two failed attempts. One, at a beautiful viewpoint at sunset where we were rudely interrupted by some hippies playing music and dancing in front of us, spoiling the view.

The other, after a perfect boat ride with dolphins in the Aegean Sea, after which, I was struck down by the double whammy of heat rash and Disembarkation Syndrome (Daniel is a lucky man, clearly).

So, on our final night after dinner, he grabbed the last opportunity to propose in our favourite place and got down on one knee. It was perfectly us, a little wonky but full of love and a moment I’ll never forget.

Planning our wedding

I found the transition from Bridget Jonestein to bride really quite overwhelming. When you’re (not so) subtlety pressuring your other half to pop the question, few people talk about the intensity of what hits you afterwards.

I am also faced with the crushing realisation that Daniel also has opinions about the way this day might play out, and they were not always the same as mine. Our search for a venue was a great example of this.

Daniel wanted to wed at a country house, whereas I had my heart set on more of a ‘warehouse’ affair. After exhausting the internet searches (and my mum pointing out that I wasn’t edgy enough for a warehouse), I called upon my good friend and wedding guru Jen Goldblatt who had fortuitously just started her new events agency WORK HARD / PLAY HARD.

Daniel and I had attended Jen and Charlie’s wedding last year and it was as good as it looks in the photos so I trust her counsel implicitly. Not only are WH/PH providing us with production and sound (the stuff I don’t understand at all), Jen helped us find venues, helped with negotiations and has been an amazing sounding board for vendors and ideas, helping me navigate the wonderful world of weddings.

Our vendors booked so far

Jen also introduced us to our florist Alice Vine. My dad loves flowers and is a bit of a celebrity on the North London floristry scene, so he is in charge of ensuring our flowers are on point on the day.

With our venue, we eventually ‘compromised’ on Hackney Town Hall. Being a typical Brit, the weather is something constantly on my mind, I don’t want to plan an outdoor wedding and then spend the run up to our wedding stressing about whether the weather is going to be ok.

I walked into the atriums at Hackney and it felt like we were outside and realized that this was the closest we were going to get to an outdoor wedding (Daniel’s preference) minus the stress (my preference). Both mine and Daniel’s families were originally from Hackney, so I love the idea of bringing my 93 year old Grandpa back to the area he was born in. 

We are in the early stages of wedding planning, but we’re agreed on a couple of things, firstly our wedding will reflect who we are as people and as a couple, and secondly, that it will be as personal as we can make it. 

For example, our first dance is going to be sung by my best friend’s fiance, Katie (of Katie Plus Juan). Katie is insanely talented, one day I’ll be pointing at the telly saying ‘she sang at our wedding’.

We picked Black Pot as our caterer. Daniel was born in Israel and we both love Israeli food and they specialize in Israeli style sharing plates. I love Lisa at Black Pot’s integrity to their style and when we went for our tasting we were blown away.

I envisage the day being relaxed and people mingling, and so having a plated three course meal doesn’t feel right. The one traditional thing we have chosen is a cake, and there was no competition for me when I saw Belsize Cake’s work on Instagram, Wonnie is an actual artist and the cakes are delicious too.

Finally, we have chosen our photographer. Being two innately awkward people, especially in front of the camera, it was really important that I found someone we both got on with. I’m also not a huge fan of very traditional wedding photography, and when I found Rachel Takes Pictures on Instagram I fell in love with her work. Rachel sealed the deal after our second Facetime call when she reassured me she would expertly photoshop out any extra chins in our photos and I’m really excited to work with her.

So, with 9 months to go, I think we’re doing ok! We have most of our big vendors locked down (aside from a band, a dress, hair and makeup… those tiny things) but I’ve gone from feeling totally overwhelmed, to getting excited about our big day.

What does marriage mean to us?

Without a shadow of a doubt, our wedding will mark the beginning of Daniel and I building a family together.

From early on in our relationship we have been very content together and we want to celebrate our love, but, due to some health issues I have, we know the next part of our journey is not going to be easy.

Marriage will mean more support, even more compromise and a whole lot of love and patience for us, and I couldn’t think of a better person to take that next step with.


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Jos & Daniel’s Wedding Vendors booked so far:

Venue – Hackney Town Hall
Events agency – WORK HARD / PLAY HARD
Flowers – Alice Vine
Singer – Katie Plus Juan
Caterer – Black Pot
Cake – Belsize Cake
Photographer – Rachel Takes Pictures

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2020 Real Jewish Brides: Introducing Jos + Daniel: How They Met To The Present Day…