21 Best Sex Toys for Men: Automatic Strokers & Realistic Feeling Adult Toys For Males

It’s hard to find good sex toys for men that aren’t just your bog-standard Fleshlight-style penis strokers. While Fleshlights are awesome, there are so many great men’s sex toys on the market that guys just don’t know about.

I’ve worked as a male sex toy reviewer for the past couple of years, so I’ve used A LOT of different male masturbation toys for the penis, balls, prostate, nipples – you name it.

It’s been a formative experience.

Here I’m going to bring you the best sex toys for men, including penis vibrators, Fleshlights, pocket pussies, prostate massagers, cock rings, and more.

21 Best Sex Toys For Men

1. Autoblow AI – Best Blowjob Machine

The Autoblow AI is an automatic masturbator that has 10 different settings to explore. The makers of the product used AI and Machine Learning to program 10 “perfect” settings based on blowjob porn videos, making it create the most realistic BJ experience of any male sex toy.  You can also get a 20% discount for it here as part of their ‘stimulus package’ during the pandemic.

2. Lovense Max 2 – Best Vibrating Masturbator

The Lovense Max 2 is an advanced men’s penis toy that uses vibrations and 360-degree contractions to pleasure your penis. This mens sex toy connects to your phone via a dedicated app which allows you to custom-control the settings, download new vibration patterns, and even have your partner control it over WiFi from 1000s of miles away. 

It’s also super easy to clean when you’re done, which is a nice bonus! Check out this post on the best male masturbators to learn more. 

3. Stoya Destroya Fleshlight – Best Fleshlight 

Stoya Destroya is a “Fleshlight Girls” sex toy based on the real vagina of adult film actress “Stoya”. However, it’s also the best-feeling Fleshlight I’ve ever used in my life, featuring plenty of internal lumps, bumps, and chambers that guarantee next-level penis pleasure. 

I’d recommend getting destroyed by Stoya.

4. Quickshot Vantage – Best Cheap Stroker

This cool-looking transparent men’s masturbation sleeve feels great and it’s less than $35 which is a steal especially when you’re buying from Fleshlight themselves. It’s nice, tight, and easy to hide in a sock drawer. 

What more can we ask for?

5. Tenga Egg Easy Beat 6 Pack – Cheapest Toy Possible

Tenga Eggs are famous Japanese penis toys that come in many different textures. You open the egg, use the one-time stroker with the lube provided, and then you throw it away. 

I don’t recommend Amazon adult products normally, but if you’re buying from reputable sex toy manufacturers like Tenga, then you should be okay.

6. Quickshot Launch – Most Intense Hands Free Orgasm (Tightest)

The Quickshot Launch is an automatic fleshlight machine that uses Quickshots (small, tight, open-ended penis strokers from Fleshlight) to pleasure the penis at up to 250 strokes per minute! It’s an intense hands-free experience, especially if you use the Quickshot Connect to connect two Quickshots together into one super-long tunnel. 

There’s even a little mount to hold your smartphone while you watch porn.

7. Tenga Flip Hole Zero – Easiest To Clean

The Tenga Flip Hole Zero vibrates your penis and uses pressure pads to artificially “suck it” at the same time – it’s a bit like a vibrating Fleshlight with added suction. 

The Flip Hole Zero also has a unique design that opens up, allowing you to thoroughly clean the toy once you’re finished.

8. RealDoll X Sex Doll – Best Sex Doll

The RealDoll X is an advanced AI-integrated adult toy that can speak, take commands, and get screwed in many different ways. If you’ve got a spare $10,000 or so, you can customize your perfect sexual partner down to the eyelashes, the vagina style, the eye color – you name it.

They are by no means cheap, but more and more guys are trying sex dolls these days, especially if they don’t have a partner. 

9. Fun Factory Manta – Best For Couples Play

This unique male vibrator is a penis toy with 2 vibrating silicone flaps that flutter as they shake around. Unlike most vibrators for men, you use this toy like a wand – stroking your penis with the vibrating flaps while enjoying the pleasure. 

I personally love this toy – it has 12 powerful vibration settings and it’s great for using with a female or male partner too. Try getting tied up and blindfolded while your partner teases you with this toy – it’s unreal.

10. Lelo Tor 2 Vibrating Cock Ring – Best Cock Ring

The Lelo Tor 2 is a vibrating cock ring that helps guys to last longer in the bedroom. The powerful vibrations also turn your penis into a “vibrating penis”, giving increased pleasure to you and your partner. 

If you’re having relations with a female partner, the vibrations from this cock ring also make for excellent clitoral stimulation when you thrust. Everybody’s happy!

11. Fleshlight Turbo Thrust – Coolest Looking Men’s Sex Toy

Designed to mimic oral pleasure, this 8.5-inches-deep masturbation sleeve is made from a semi-transparent blue version of Fleshlight’s patented Superskin material. This intense men sex toy is basically a deepthroat waiting in your bedroom drawer for whenever you’re in the mood. 

It also looks really sleek for mans sex toy if you ask me, and the feel of the semi-transparent blue sleeve is really moist.

12. LifeLike Ass Masturbator – Most Realistic Pussy Toy

While the $375 price tag is a stretch for most of us, this doggy-style pussy and ass masturbator toy is one of the most realistic pussy toys you can get, featuring 2 tight penis insertion points for both the ass and the vagina. 

It’s made with soft life-like “skin” and has a 10-function bullet vibrator for added pleasure. It’s even got a remote control for the vibes.

13. Aneros Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager – Best Prostate Stimulator

If you’re looking for the best prostate toys, look no further. The Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager is my favorite anal toy for men by a country mile. It’s small (4 inches), flexible, and made from 100% medical-grade silicone, so it’s great for beginners. 

This small prostate massager has given me hands-free orgasms on multiple occasions. I’ve also had multiple orgasms in a row. You really need to try it. Believe me.

14. Pink Butt Classic Fleshlight – Most Relaxing Men’s Adult Toy

When we buy a sex toy, men typically want a very intense experience that’s going to make their toes curl and their eyes water. However, sometimes we need to take things a little more slowly. 

This anal Fleshlight features a tight opening and a simple internal penis sleeve without lumps and bumps inside – it’s the relaxing alternative to more… aggressive products.

15. Cobra Libre 2 – Best Penis Vibrator

Another amazing penis vibrator made in Germany by Fun Factory, the Cobra Libre 2 is a penis vibrator (or “guybrator”) designed to stimulate the tip of the penis with 11 powerful settings and 2 motors. 

It’s 100% body-safe, USB rechargeable, and waterproof, so it’s a very convenient way to get off. It also has a reservoir to catch your ejaculate, so cleanup is a breeze.

16. Hot Octopuss Vibration Sleeve – Best For Men With ED

The Hot Octopuss Jett is a penis vibrator with two vibrating bullets and a remote control that allows you to switch between high-frequency “treble” and low-frequency “bass” vibrations.

 With 60 different vibration settings in total, your penis won’t know what hit it. This toy is also popular with guys who have ED, as you don’t need an erection to use it.

17. Tracey Cox Supersex Penis Stroker – Best Cheap Stroker

All these expensive products getting you down? 

This Supersex Penis Stroker costs less than $25. With 5.5 inches of length and a tight ribbed interior, this penis sleeve is the perfect cheaper alternative to a Fleshlight. For such a cheap stroker, it’s made with high-quality materials too.

18. Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager – Best Vibrating Prostate Toy

The Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager is the crème de la crème of P-spot massagers, especially if you prefer vibrating P-spot massagers. 

Perfectly shaped to hit the male G spot, the Lelo Hugo comes with a dedicated wireless remote control to flick through the 8 vibration settings. 

The remote control even has sensors that allow the Hugo to respond to how you’re holding the remote – the harder you shake the remote, the harder the Hugo vibrates.

19. Tantus Vibrating Cock Ring – Cheap Cock Ring With Vibrations

This vibrating C-Ring from Tantus is 10mm wide, with supersoft silicone stretching over your member to help you maintain a powerful erection during partner or solo play. 

There’s also a removable waterproof bullet vibrator to increase the fun for both of you.

20. Beginner’s Pegging Kit – Best Anal Toy For Men

If you’re not familiar with pegging, it’s when a female partner penetrates a man with a strap-on. It’s becoming increasingly common for straight couples to try, so don’t pooh-pooh it (no pun intended) or write it off as “gay” straight away. 

If you’re looking to try pegging, this kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a vibrating strap-on harness and 2 dildos, both of which are angled to hit the prostate perfectly!

How to Use Male Sex Toys

There isn’t much information out there on how to use men’s sex toys – it tends to be geared toward women.

Here I’m going to give you the basic rundown of how to use 5 different types of men’s adult toy – Penis Strokers, Penis Vibrators, Prostate Massager Products, Automatic Masturbators, and Cock Rings.

Penis Strokers

Penis strokers are masturbation sleeves that you use to stroke your penis with instead of your hand. You should use a water-based lubricant with strokers and clean them out thoroughly when done.

Penis strokers use internal lumps, bumps, and textures to pleasure your penis as it thrusts through them.

There are multiple different styles, including:

  • Open-ended sleeves
  • Small “pocket pussy” strokers
  • Larger Fleshlight-style sleeves
  • Vibrating penis strokers
  • Penis strokers with suction

Penis strokers are probably the most common adult toy for men you’ll find.

Penis Vibrators (Guybrators)

Penis vibrators (aka “guybrators”) are quite literally that – vibrators designed to pleasure your penis.

They come in many different designs – some are closed-ended (like the Cobra Libre II) while some are designed like vibrating massage wands (see the Fun Factory Manta).

These products are usually designed with the glans/head of the penis in mind, as it’s the most sensitive area. 

It’s possible to ejaculate from just the vibrations alone, though you may want to masturbate too.

Prostate Massagers

Don’t shun prostate products – they’re probably the best sex toys for men!

The prostate is a small walnut-sized gland located roughly 2-3 inches inside a man’s anus on the anterior (front) side of the body. 

The prostate is known as the “male G spot” for its ability to give guys intense multiple orgasms without touching your penis at all – there’s more than one way to experience pleasure!

There are 2 main styles of prostate massager:

  • Vibrating prostate massager – vibrations are used to stimulate the P-spot
  • Non-vibrating prostate massager – you clench and “tremble” your pelvic floor muscles to bring the toy in contact with your P-spot

Vibrating massagers are better for beginners, but if you’re more experienced, the non-vibrating massagers from companies like Aneros can lead to mind-blowing “Super Orgasms” once you’ve got the technique down.

Whichever style you choose, be sure to relax, clean your butt, and use plenty of lube.

Automatic Male Masturbator Machines

Automatic masturbators are machines that use vibrations, suction, contractions, or back-and-forth motions to “masturbate” your penis without you needing to thrust, use your hands, or do anything at all.

Some automatic masturbators, like the AutoBlow AI, use their own dedicated penis sleeves as part of the experience. 

However, products like the Quickshot Launch and Fleshlight Launch allow you to use interchangeable Fleshlight/stroker sleeves so you can have more than one kind of experience.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are normally used when having sex with a partner, especially in older men or guys with erectile dysfunction (ED).

These rings are worn at the base of the penis when it’s erect, trapping blood in the erection to help you stay hard for a long time. You shouldn’t wear them for longer than 30 minutes because they’re basically cutting off your blood supply.

You can also get vibrating C-rings that increase pleasure for you and a female partner’s clitoris.

How to Make a Male Sex Toy

It’s quite easy to make a DIY men’s adult toy with some at-home materials. There’s more than one way to recreate the best sex toys for men, but there are common hacks that come up again and again.

For example, common homemade adult products for men include:

  • Two pillows in between a bed and a box spring
  • An empty banana peel with one end cut off
  • A wrapped-up towel with a latex glove inside it
  • Pillow stuffing in a cut-off plastic bottle

Use your common sense and make sure you’re not using anything sharp, scratchy, weak, or anything that could snap and hurt you.

Always use plenty of water-based lube!

If you want detailed instructions on how to make penis strokers, check out this DIY Fleshlights Guide for more information.

Where to Buy Male Sex Toys

You can buy sex toys for men at brick-and-mortar XXX shops or online retailers.

These days, most guys choose online stores because they’re cheaper, they’re discreet, and they ship to your home in anonymous plain packaging.

Reputable stores online include:

  • FleshLight -The company behind the famous Fleshlight fake vagina toys (and much more)
  • Aneros – Men’s adult toy company famous for its prostate massager toys that lead to “Super Orgasms”
  • Lovense – Manufacturer of high-tech adult toys for men, women, and couples
  • LoveHoney – One of the most popular adult retailers, stocking men’s & women’s products from many manufacturers
  • SheVibe – Adult retailer stocking sexy products for all gender expressions
  • GeekySexToys – Fun shop selling adult toys themed around “geeky” pop culture like Star Wars, GOT, Avengers, etc.

All the sites above are totally safe and will ship to you in plain, discreet packaging.

I would not recommend buying sex toys on Amazon because many of the products there are poorly made or counterfeit.

What is the best male sex toy?

There are so many male sex toys out there – it’s impossible to say which one is the overall best one.

However, if I was forced to pick, I would say it’s a tie between the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight, the Fun Factory Manta, and the Aneros Helix Syn Trident.

Of course, you could find somebody to hook up with. Check out our Top Hookup Sites for 2022 list, and maybe you could find somebody to help you test these toys. 

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21 Best Sex Toys for Men: Automatic Strokers & Realistic Feeling Adult Toys For Males