On the Topic of Weight Loss Surgery

Often when we (the non-diet crowd) make the argument that “weight loss doesn’t work” (long term, for more than a tiny fraction of people), someone will make the argument that that is why weight loss surgery is a good idea.

I’ll be honest – I am just not a fan. I’m not judging anyone who has received or who has decided to pursue weight loss surgery – not at all. It’s just that, among other things, I feel that it’s such a serious surgery and that recipients aren’t being prepared well enough with all the facts before surgery to make well-informed decisions. I also feel it’s not so much a “cure” for fatness as it is a way to trade one set of problems for another. And as a Health at Every Size dietitian, I want to help people find a way to health that doesn’t involve extreme ways of manipulating body size.

Suffice it to say, my feelings on the topic were complicated enough to wait to speak about it on our Dietitians Unplugged podcast until now.

In this episode, we were thrilled to have our wonderful HAES colleague, Lisa DuBreuil, LICSW, come and talk about this topic in a compassionate and nuanced way. For those who are contemplating this type of surgery, this episode is a must-listen to help you make an informed decision about your self-care plans.

Lisa DuBreuil, LICSW is a mom, wife, fat activist, and clinical social worker. Since 2003, she has been a psychotherapist doing individual and group work in an outpatient hospital-based clinic, treating people with co-occurring substance use disorders and eating disorders and more recently people with new-onset SUDs and compulsions following weight loss surgery. She also has a private practice in Salem, MA where she treats people diagnosed with binge eating disorder and people dealing with various problems following weight loss surgery. Lisa helps people live peacefully in their bodies by improving self-care skills and teaching how to navigate our challenging body culture. 

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Episode 65 – What you Should Know About Weight Loss Surgery with Lisa DuBreuil

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On the Topic of Weight Loss Surgery