7:22 am - Saturday - July 6th - Ramona, CA - 56° F, 93% humidity, wind - CALM......sunny this morning with a forecast high of 83° F.....the view this morning.......↴

First time below 200 lbs. in 2.5 years

.....and what a great view it is....finally below 200 lbs! When I had my heart attack back on May 13th I weighed in at 216....the most I have ever weighed.  I set an interim goal of 199.9 lbs., and I have beaten that by 3/10's.  Ultimately I want to get down to 187....that is where I was just after my double hernia operation back in March of 2014, and I never felt better.  I seem to be on a pretty consistent 1 pound per week trajectory, although the first few weeks after my heart attack I was losing about 2+ lbs. per week.

That's the big news for this morning.....well, another news item.....I usually get up each morning around 6:15 am on days I work, but this morning I slept in until 7 am.....oh well, I only have 2 hours to get ready for work.....lol!

The final bit of news this morning is that somehow I missed the 6.4 magnitude earthquake which hit SoCal a couple of days ago....that's a big earthquake!  How did I not feel that?  

In other news, Friday was a routine Friday for me....Friday is my split shift day, so I worked from 9 am to 2 pm, took three hours off to read, and take a nap, then returned to work at 5 pm for the final two hours of my shift.  After going through my normal morning opening routine I headed up to site #40 to clean it.  This was the site that Linda (former, just departed employee), and her husband occupied for about 6 years.  It took me the rest of my 5 hour shift to clean the site, fill in some holes, and haul away the leaves, weeds, and other minor debris.  Please don't misunderstand, the site looked fine before the trailer was moved, but when a trailer sits in one place for 6 years it sinks into the ground a little, weeds grow, and leaves accumulate, plus they left a few things behind, like an 8' x 12' piece of artificial turf....I'll bet you know where that is going next!

In the last two hours of my day (5-7 pm) I worked at installing a new water filter on the supply line to our water fountain in the pool area.  It has not worked since we arrived back in April.  The water filter installation was the easy part.  Getting the fountain head to dispense water again was the difficult part.  I had to completely disassemble it to get it working again, but by 6:30 pm I was successful, and the water fountain is once again functional for its intended purpose.  The last 30 minutes I spent washing and drying my golf cart.

When RORVR was first built they must have had a chain saw sculptor on staff as there are many wood sculptures around the park....these are just three of the them.....↴

 Mr. Squirrel

 Maltese Falcon?

Mr. Bear

....these three were carved out of dead trees, and in an area located immediately adjacent to the mini golf course.  I'll take more pictures of the other sculptures as I remember to do so.

We were home a little after 7 pm relaxing on the 'lido deck' until about 8 pm when the night air got too chilly.  We watched a recorded episode of 'Elementary', then headed out about 9:30 pm to close down the park facilities as we do 4 nights a week, every week.

199.6! 199.6! 199.6!!!

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