VII Events

VII Events is a SaaS 3D virtual events platform that revolutionizes the way companies use events to generate business.

Our platform uses a 3D hyper-realistic graphical engine that closely imitates the in-person event’s experience to provide event attendees with the feeling they attended a fantastic event and not another too well familiar webinar.

We are an all-in-one solution that includes: 1:1 live video meetings, live session streaming, breakout rooms, networking, and analytics.

Our competitive advantages are:

1) Our hyper-realistic graphical engine, not just creating tailor-made masterpiece designs, it tells the company’s story, giving a live expression of the company spirit and brand.

2) We generate leads. We provide insight-driven analytics.

Every action of the attendee translated into real-time intent and synced into sales funnel using sales tools and marketing automation platforms like Marketo, SalesForce, Hubspot, Eloqua, Mailchimp, etc.

3) While providing an amazing and unique event experience with various exclusive features, we maintain very competitive and fair prices, allowing our customers to produce affordable events with high ROI while not compromising on event quality.

In the last nine months, we helped create more than a hundred successful virtual events with over 200,000 accumulated number of attendees, helping our clients tell their stories, creating memorable experiences for their attendees, helping drive business, and creating qualified leads.

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VII Events