Steam locomotive update from Leaky Finders Ltd

Superheater Elements for 5552 // Credit Leaky Finders

Leaky Finders Ltd have posted an update on the various projects they have been working on across the country.

Bodmin & Wenford Railway –  as Acting Chief Mechanical Engineer for the line.

Repair work on Great Western Railway (GWR) 6400 Class No.6435 and overhaul on GWR 4575 Class No.5552 are now the top prioritises at the Bodmin & Wenford Railway with 4612 now back in traffic.

Recent work on 5552 has seen the line’s two fitters overhaul the superheater header, firstly by removing the studs, cleaning up the pitted body and then carry out a Non-Destructive Test (NDT).

The NDT was successful with no cracks found, allowing the elements to be fitted and hydraulic tests performed.

Removing Studs from 5552's Superheater Header // Credit Leaky Finders
Removing Studs from 5552’s Superheater Header // Credit Leaky Finders

Spa Valley Railway

Grinding of the horns on London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Fowler Class 3 ‘Jinty’ No.47493 has now been completed.

To carry out this work, Leaky Finders used their optical alignment equipment to ensure high accuracy, within .001 of an inch.

Horn Grinding on 47493 // Credit Leaky Finders
Horn Grinding on 47493 // Credit Leaky Finders

GWR 6000 ‘King’ Class No.6024 “King Edward I”

The team at Leaky Finders have helped the group attach the smokebox to the boiler barrel, and are now assisting them with fitting out the smokebox with the blastpipe etc. and fix the lagging and cladding to the locomotive.

New Build LMS Patriot Class No.5551 “The Unknown Warrior”

The mainframe is being painted in its topcoats as work on them is almost complete. Assembly of the brake gearing is due to start soon, with riveting on the rear drag box in progress.

For more information or to contact Leaky Finders Ltd, please visit their website here.

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Steam locomotive update from Leaky Finders Ltd