My New Book is Available to Download for Free


I’ve missed you guys! And I'm so thankful for the opportunity to write to you now, even if the circumstances are less than stellar.

What is happening with COVID-19 is unprecedented - everyone is experiencing it together, and yet I’m finding that our individual stories vary greatly. For Joshua and I, the virus itself has not entered our orbit yet, but our 8-month old business has been closed for weeks and sits like a fish out of water, gasping for oxygen. My response? Look for the good. I can't choose reality - but I can choose my response, and I can choose gratitude and faith and to help others in any way possible.

I have been running at break-neck speed for the last year and life has come to a screeching halt. In the stillness, I felt a nudge about this book. Release it right now, at no cost, asking nothing in return. I have been working on this book since 2018 and I realized - what I want more than anything is just to share the wisdom and peace that supported and guided me through one of the hardest times in my life.

Perhaps it seems a bit off-topic to be publishing a book on “beauty” right now, but this book is really about a personal journey to finding peace. Peace that washes over you in soft waves. A love that never fails. A solid foundation that supports you with an unshakable sense of safety. I have returned to the affirmations in this book, again and again, for comfort and peace. I can think of no better time to share it than now.  

So without further ado, here it is: Beauty Full: Awakening to Your Radiance Within, which is free to download for a limited time here.

Wherever you are, I hope your family and friends are healthy, and that you are feeling safe. I’ll be in touch again soon, and please reach out anytime - my door is open!

xo, Jeanette


Book Description

Beauty Full presents a radical new definition of beauty and self-worth - one that connects us to others, is abundant, and does not require our striving. It sheds light on why the most popular beauty tactics of our time - inner beauty, self-love, beauty celibacy - are not working, and sets you on a path of self-discovery to confirm what you know deep down: You're already radiant.

Sample Passage

One day you will turn to me and ask
“Am I beautiful?”
And I will cup your face in my hands
And tell you about your beauty
That within you
You contain the intensity of the sun
The brilliance of the moon
The abundance of the galaxies
That if it were not for your body
It would hurt to look at
How radiant
You are

I will tell you that the love that created the universe
Made your beauty this way
Pursues you for it
That you are wanted
Not for your body, your personality, deeds or accomplishments
But for your soul
The part of you that is so you
You can never change it
You didn’t earn it
You can do nothing to lose it
You were simply born this way
With such immense beauty
And all the love and belonging you could ever want inside

I will tell you about the other in pursuit of your beauty
How it will chase you
Tell you that it loves you
But that you have to earn it
And keep earning it
Again and again
That you were born flawed
And there is nothing inside you
Worth anything
It wants only the apparatus that carries you
The shape of your waist, the color of your hair, the smoothness of your skin
And the things you can achieve
Your success, your effort, your personal power

A day will come when you will choose which to believe
The still, small voice that comes to you in the silence, in the pause
Or the roar that comes to you on billboards and posters, in magazines
And from people around you
You will choose with lover to turn to
The one in pursuit of beauty you must achieve
Or the one in pursuit of your soul

Choose the gentle, my dear love
Turn towards the stillness
Away from the noise
Turn towards the love that has always loved you
Turn towards the quiet embrace that reaches out
Cradles your face in its hands
And whispers, “yes, you are beautiful”


Download it here.


My New Book is Available to Download for Free