Snake Creek Gap TT -- February Edition

I do believe Thomas Turner and I are the only members of the "Raced the Snake Every Year" Club. It has evolved over the years, from the first edition (2005) that was raced "backwards" from Dug Gap to Dry Creek to the addition of a 50 miler in 2016.  I am quite partial to the 34 miler, which is where I first cut my teeth on rocky technical terrain.

The February edition would be remembered by a Top 10 List, not necessarily in any particular order.

1.  The Polar Vortex was taking refuge at the Dry Creek parking lot.  Damn that wind was brutal!

2.  Realizing I forgot my DynaPlug on the bus ride to the start.  Like forgetting your driver's license: chances are you will not need it, but it makes you more cautious than you would want to be.

3.  Sitting next to Josh on the shuttle and listening to his friendly banter of nervous energy. 

4. It was nice to see that ALL of the bridge was above water.

5.  Seeing Angie Childre's tiny little cog on her bike as we were climbing up to the first section of single track and thinking she was in for a rough day.  So happy to be spinning a 23!

6.  Honcho calling out my alter ego's name, Carol, who is my favorite character on The Walking Dead.  Definite bad ass!

7.  Dismounting and leaping over the 29'r wheel-swallowing clay crevice, passing two dudes in the process.

8.  Having a friendly and encouraging exchange with a fellow racer as he was fast on the descents and I was a wee bit stronger on the climbs.

9.  Accomplishing my goal of a sub 4 hour finish and 1st SS overall.

10.  Spending the weekend with my stoke-tacular Rescue Racing team mates, Mark, Scott, and David.

Fifteen years of racing this tough as nails course.  If NWGA SORBA can continue this amazing event another 15 years, I will be there!
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Snake Creek Gap TT -- February Edition