30 Unlucky People Whose Middle Name is Failure

My 6 y/o son decided to try to microwave dry mac and cheese before I woke up…

My step dad keeps forgetting to take the boiled eggs out of the freezer when they’ve cooled down

The brioche looked so great right until I cut it.

Freshly opened can of jam has a big patch of mold. It even made the popping sound when the seal broke

I just wanted to make pizza dough

Grabbed the wrong one and now all of my chocolate chip cookies taste weird.

I’m supposed to bring a snack to share at a work meeting, I’m thinking the beef broth gelatin with hot dogs and eggs should do it

You might think “Oh, cute, a child tried to decorate Halloween cookies!” Nope. This was all me. A grown man with a career and no artistic ability 😬

I’ve been looking for my glasses for 3 days.

My girlfriend told me she has never cooked fish before. I didn’t expect scrambled haddock

This is how my boyfriend cuts an avocado

oven just exploded for some reason

Just normal milk shattered a glass perfectly in two and exploded the milk across the kitchen. (The glass wasn’t moved after; it’s that far apart from the force alone.)

Nothing like a little glass for seasoning

Is roommate shaming a thing?

Forgot about eggs boiling….

tried to make purple lemonade….got dirty mop ade instead

Today I learned that a coffee pot can explode.

My boyfriend used to unscrew the red pepper flakes top at Pizzahut in junior high for S&Gs. Karmas a bitch.

Asked my wife to keep the oven on low for the burgers. Puts it on low, broil, and forget to take the plastic cover off.

My favourite knife – defeated by some leek

Brain malfunctioned while preparing scrambled eggs

My pizza on the left, my husband’s. . . single cell organism on the right

These eggs my dad made with “a bit of turmeric”

My husband asked me to heat up the croissant and that he wanted it very crunchy…. i guess i nailed it

The new jar of Nutella my girlfriend tried to heat in the microwave

Casual reminder, clean your grills. Burgers and grilled pineapple. Sort of.

My first time baking bread… forgot the yeast

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30 Unlucky People Whose Middle Name is Failure