Fits and Starts of the 2019 NFL Draft–Tyree Jackson

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Which 2019 NFL Draft quarterbacks fit for the Miami Dolphins, which ones could start, and which ones aren’t on the table? 

Fourth up, Tyree Jackson.

Fits and Starts series

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The Fits and Starts series is putting some less-common quarterback names under the microscope. We’ve heard a lot about the ring leaders of this draft class’ quarterbacks: Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock, and Daniel Jones, but let’s not forget about the overshadowed guys. We talked about Jarrett Stidham, Jordan Ta’amu, and Will Grier already, so let’s move on to the next name on the list: Buffalo’s Tyree Jackson.

Tyree Jackson Mini-Report

For Tyree Jackson’s micro-scouting I used an offense compilation of Buffalo in their game against Temple. Based on the one game, Jackson looks very raw and is a developmental project, a top-priority one, though. He’s like 2018’s Josh Allen in a lot of ways.

The game against Temple was Buffalo’s second game of the season, so some cobwebs are expected. Tyree Jackson made some poor throws early on but started getting in a groove later in the game. He delivered a perfect touchdown pass in the fourth quarter that put Buffalo ahead 29-22, and he also helped seal the win with about a minute left when his receiver broke a tackle and ran it in.

I saw a pretty good pocket presence and the ability to avoid pressure. When the play broke down, I saw some good improvisation, as well.

He has numerous prototype traits that the NFL wants in a quarterback and I can realistically see a team taking him in the second round, based on him fitting some of those metrics. He possesses prototypical metrics, and at 6’7, he’s pushing that limit. None of that is a problem, though.

If Tyree Jackson has a problem, it’s just that he’s raw. He’s going to need time at the next level. He flashed big-time potential in the Temple game, but there were inconsistencies too. Sitting might be very beneficial for him as he starts his NFL career.

Tyree Jackson seems to have the head for the game. I saw him discern when to throw it into tight windows and when the coverage was too good for a forced pass attempt. He would throw the ball out of bounds if there weren’t any reasonable passes.

Contrary to my report on Will Grier, Tyree Jackson has plenty of arm strength. He might have one of the strongest arms in this quarterback class and he was able to show it off a little bit against Temple. He underthrew one of his receivers on a deep route but that was just an accuracy issue than it was arm strength.

Tyree Jackosn has a laser arm and he was squeezing in on-point passes into small windows, and he was doing it with good accuracy in the short and intermediate game.

Tyree Jackson is a diamond in the rough, for sure. Once he gets coaching and guidance in the NFL, that’ll be a huge boon for him to launch into a starting role, best case scenario. He has a high ceiling but will need more time and patience than some of the other, bigger names in this year’s class.

At the End of the Day

Tyree Jackson has a lot of potential and physical tools to work with. He’s not a fit for every team or situation, though. He’ll need a couple years as a backup before he’s ready for a starting role; if he’s rushed into a position where he has to start, then he’ll struggle.

Tyree Jackson could be a good fit for teams that have established quarterbacks in the tail end of their career where he could learn from a veteran for a few years, then get handed the reins. A baptism-by-fire start to Jackson’s career could stunt his overall development, in my opinion.

With that being said, the Miami Dolphins’ situation would not be conducive for Tyree Jackson’s success. While, I am personally fine with taking him, maybe on Day 3 if he drops, I don’t think he’ll find a lot of success in his rookie year if he’s thrown to the wolves.

If Miami does draft Tyree Jackson and expects a rookie-phenom year, then I think that’s a mistake. Given how raw Tyree Jackson is, I would be surprised if Jackson was in Miami’s plans.

Fits and Starts of the 2019 NFL Draft–Tyree Jackson